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Advanced Squad Leader is a game of tactical combat in WWII. It has been around since 1985, and is one of the most complicated wargames ever produced. Originally published by Avalon Hill, the rights are now owned by Hasbro, and licensed to Multi-Man Publishing.

I can (barely) remember when the original SL came out. However, I never got much chance to play it, and all I knew of the sequel gamettes was what I read in The General and Campaign. It wouldn't be until the mid '90s before I got a chance to get ASL and start playing more than a couple times per decade.

As you can see in my record at the Scenario Archive I still haven't played all that much in the grand scheme of things, and my record is, well, not so good. My semi-local gaming buddy Patch is a large part of what keeps my hand in, as between my propensity to wander between hobbies, and the fact that I'm far more interested in wargames in general, instead of any one system, I would normally ignore ASL for a couple years between bouts of interest.

After Action Reports:
13 Le Manoir 19 Backs to the Sea HA2 The Commisar's House
HA1 Fire on the Volga 79 Bridge of the Seven Planets PB3 Piecemeal
PB4 Killean's Red PB5 Taylor Made Defense PB6 It's About Time
T1 Gavin Take PBr CGI Who Are These Devils? J94 Kempf at Melikhovo
J88 Escape to Wiltz VotG3 Khopra's Crossing VotG CGI The Central Railway Station
91 Ad Hoc at Beaurains J102 The Yelnya Bridge E Hill 621
A32 Zon With the Wind A33 Tettau's Attack A34 Lash Out
A35 Guards Attack A36 Oy Veghel A37 Dreil Team
A38 North Bank J67 The Lawless Roads 45 Revenge at Kastelli
A59 Death at Carentan 137 Italian Brothers DA8 Gruppo Mobile
DA11 Sicilian Midnight VotG21 Defending the Voentorg J124 Cobra Kings
J19 Merzenhausen Zoo G5 Six Came Back 3 The Czerniakow Bridgehead
2 Mila 18 6 Red Packets 16 No Better Spot to Die
FB1 Uncles and Pups FB2 The Devil's Free to Have a Try FB3 Furor Hungaricus
J98 Lend-Lease Attack VotG23 Heroes of the Soviet Union J137 No Mercy in Burcy
FB4 HKL 259 FB5 Siesta Time (or not) D8 The Schoolhouse
FB5 Siesta Time J157 Rage Against the Machine FB19 Waffenbrüderschaft (playtest)
J45 The Last Roadblock D11 Ripe Pickings OA24 Buying Time
FB18 Red Banner Days AP52 Into Vienna Woods OA25 Side By Side
35 Blazin' Chariots FB6 Came Tumbling After A50 ...And Here We Damned Well Stay
HG4 Cohort and the Phalanx FB7 The Terror of the Castle 37 Khamsin
FB8 For Want of Either Crust or Crumb G17 Hakka Paalle FB9 The Shooting Gallery
7 Dash For the Bridge J1 Urban Guerillas 51 The Taking of Takrouna
AP57 Kleckerweise FB10 The Return of the Black Company AP17 The Valley of Death
J173 Assault on Baerendorf FB11 Boy Soldier 161 Arctic Crossroads
21 Among the Ruins A95 The Long Road 174 Lagus Assault Guns
J32 Panzer Graveyard J167 Hart Attack A94 Last Defense Line
AP75 Gabriel's Horn A96 In Rommel's Wake A93 Faugh A' Ballagh!
195 Rocket's Red Glare FB12 The Black Ravens Are Flying J184 Dayan to Meet You
A4 Beyond the Blue Beach WO2 Failure to Communicate 43 Into the Fray
FB13 Don't Economize WO7 Hell For the Holidays 81 Fraticidal Fighting
5 In Sight of the Volga 162 Armored Car Savikurki AP53 Far From Home
100 Regalbuto Ridge 12 Confusion Reigns 185 Not Out of the Woods Yet
J40 Might Makes Right J103 Lenin's Sons J123 Charging Chaumont
9 To the Square K The Cannes Strongpoint WO25 The Replacements
93 Tavronitis Bridge FB15 The Taking of Object 59 AP18 Villiage of the Damned
94 Bofors Bashing J114 The Marketplace at Wormhoudt 245 The Time of Humiliations
AP73 Happy Valley 217 Gloster Hill C The Streets of Stalingrad
AP19 Winter of Their Discontent 95 Descent Into Hell 20 Taking the Left Tit
14 Silence That Gun FB16 Crossing the Bloody Meadow U42 Stand Fast
AP146 Absolut Märkäjärvi AP160 Carrier Hill 183 The Pouppeville Exit
FB17 Stalingrad Redux 22 Kurhaus Clash HF1 Black Day in Hatten
27 The Liberation of Tulle DA1 l'Ecole Normale WO1 French Toast and Bacon
17 Lost Opportunities 1 Fighting Withdrawal HF2 Bertoldo the Brave
AP112 First Ally D The Hedgehog of Piepsk WO3 Counterattack at Carentan
A84 Endless Struggle 24 The Mad Minute 28 Ambush
HF3 First Timers J207 Unhorsed HF4 Liehr Launches First
227 Victory is Life
Key: Rindis: Mark: Patch:


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Biazza Ridge Out of the Bunker WO Bonus Pack #9
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