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Group notices:

Next meeting: June?

Game: ?

Time after: June/July?

Game: ?

Current games:
Game Who When Progress
SFB SH126 The Sally Rindis Patch 6/16 Turn 5, Impulse 13
Pursuit of Glory Rindis Mark 6/16 Turn 3
F&E (603.0) Hurricane Rindis Erich PBeM Fall 173 C Combat
ASL 51 The Taking of Takrouna Rindis Patch PBeM Turn 1 B MPh
F&E (607.0) The Four Powers War Rindis Erich PBeM Fall 157 A Combat
ASL AP57 Kleckerweise Rindis Dave H PBeM Turn 1 G RPh
ASL 5: In Sight of the Volga Rindis Luke PBeM Turn 2 R MPh
F&E (601.0) The Wind Rindis Erich PBeM Fall 169 A Combat
The Russian Campaign Rindis Mark PBeM N/D '41

I'm an old-style wargamer from way back. This doesn't mean I don't like plenty of other types of games, but I have been spending a fair amount of time (and money) over the last decade with old fashioned board wargames. Much of my on-line 'social' time has gone to the excellent site Board Game Geek, and with the creation of sister sites RPG Geek and Video Game Geek, I have been paying more attention to those hobbies again as well.

Board Games RPGs Video Games

Games on Preorder
Barbarossa: Army Group North (EFS) Barbarossa: Army Group South (EFS)

Games I'm Interested In Getting:
1914: Twilight in the East 1941 Advanced Civilization
The Air-Eaters Stike Back! Baltic Gap (OCS) Battle Above the Clouds (GCACW)
The Battle for Normandy Bonaparte at Marengo Commands & Colors: Napoleonics
GURPS Dragons Hannibal: Rome vs. Carthage A House Divided
Kingdom of Heaven Liberty Roads Module J2: Advanced Fighters (SFB)
Napoleon ASL Operation Veritable Red Star Rising
Red Winter Rise of the Roman Republic (AW) Rommel in the Desert
Romulan Border (FC) Source of the Nile Spartacus
Star Fleet Marines: Assault Victory in the Pacific Wings of War
Blue=In preorder; Red=Out of print