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Group notices:

Next meeting: June?

Game: ?

Time after: June/July?

Game: ?

Current games:
Game Who When Progress
SFB SH126 The Sally Rindis Patch 6/16 Turn 5, Impulse 13
Pursuit of Glory Rindis Mark 6/16 Turn 3
F&E (603.0) Hurricane Rindis Erich PBeM Fall 173 C Combat
ASL 51 The Taking of Takrouna Rindis Patch PBeM Turn 1 B MPh
F&E (607.0) The Four Powers War Rindis Erich PBeM Fall 157 A Combat
ASL AP57 Kleckerweise Rindis Dave H PBeM Turn 1 G RPh
ASL 5: In Sight of the Volga Rindis Luke PBeM Turn 2 R MPh
F&E (601.0) The Wind Rindis Erich PBeM Fall 169 A Combat
The Russian Campaign Rindis Mark PBeM N/D '41

I'm an old-style wargamer from way back. This doesn't mean I don't like plenty of other types of games, but I have been spending a fair amount of time (and money) over the last decade with old fashioned board wargames. Much of my on-line 'social' time has gone to the excellent site Board Game Geek, and with the creation of sister sites RPG Geek and Video Game Geek, I have been paying more attention to those hobbies again as well.

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Games on Preorder
Barbarossa: Army Group North (EFS) Barbarossa: Army Group South (EFS) Pursuit of Glory 2nd Ed

Games I'm Interested In Getting:
Advanced Civilization Wings for the Baron Liberty Roads
Battle Above the Clouds (GCACW) Module R12: Unique Ships (SFB) The Western Front: 1914-1918 (Der Weltkrieg)
Baltic Gap (OCS) Bonaparte at Marengo 1941
ASL Operation Veritable Red Winter The Little Land (CSS)
The Battle for Normandy GURPS Dragons Napoleon
A House Divided Rise of the Roman Republic (AW) Commands & Colors: Napoleonics
Spartacus Rommel in the Desert Source of the Nile
Hannibal: Rome vs. Carthage Star Fleet Marines: Assault Romulan Border (FC)
Blue=In preorder; Red=Out of print