Panzerfaust and Campaign

In the 1960s Donald Greenwood made a name for himself in the wargaming hobby by producing a fanzine, Panzerfaust, with quality content. Avalon Hill then hired him in 1972 to evaluate outside game designs and edit the Avalon Hill General, and he stayed with the company until its sale to Hasbro in 1998.

Don Greenwood sold his magazine to Don Lowry, who published it until 1982. It went through a few format changes, including to saddle-stiched offset printing as of his first issue, #53. It also underwent two name changes, ending up as Campaign magazine.

Now, Fox Den is republishing this bit of wargaming history as searchable PDFs starting with #53, and eventually to the end of its run with issue #111. In addition, each PDF includes “The Fox Hole”, a column giving current commentary and context on the contents of the issue.