Wargamer’s Guide to Stalingrad

The third booklet in Guidon Game’s Wargamer’s Guidebook Series was an expanded reprint of the book that started the idea, Don Greenwood’s Stalingrad Strategy Guide. Printed around September 1972, it reprinted articles from The Avalon Hill General, International Wargamer, Panzerfaust, and The Spartan collected by Don Greenwood.

The book was reprinted somewhere around 1977, and this PDF is based on that printing.

Stalingrad—Win With Either Side * Lou Zocchi
The Pieces of Stalingrad * George Phillies
Stalingrad Replayed * Avalon Hill Staff
Russian Analysis * Gary Charbonneau
Variants & Redesigns * George Phillies
Stalingrad Over Simplified * Terence Zuber
German Chances in Stalingrad * Carl Knabe
Stalingrad in Detail * George Phillies
An Amazing Stalingrad Tactic * Richard Shagrin
Stalingrad Tournament Style * Steve Tinsley
Rule Clarifications
Weather Table

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Panzerfaust #65

This issue was the first one produced in Fallbrook, CA, which would be the home of the magazine for the rest of its life. This, and the next couple would still carry no cover date, but this one is being considered December ’74/January-February ’75.

A Military History of the Third Crusade * Stanley Grip, Jr.
A Look At the Ardennes Offensive * Anthony O’Brien
Ardennes Breakout * Randy Heller
The Myth of the Daylight Naval Battle in WWII * Jack Greene, Jr.
Combined Arms Operations * James Deininger
The Destruction of Army Group Center * Leo W.G. Niehorster
Victory Conditions, Neutrality & Capitalist Imperialism * Tyrone Bomba
Teaching the Beginner * Charles Starks
The Good Old Days * Mark Wiegia
Game Design: CRT-itis … Some Alternatives * Clifford R. Sayre, Jr.
Thumbnail Analysis * Editor
Passing in Review * Editor
Mail Call

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