Campaign #81

Issue 81 (September-October 1977) featured a historical article by John Prados and part one Jack Greene’s sequel to his Cathedrals of Wargaming travelogue from issue #71.

The Japanese at Santa Cruz * John Prados
The Cathedrals Wargaming Revisited Part I * Jack Greene, Jr.
Introduction to Yourself: Dungeons & Dragons for Beginners * Len Kanterman and Charles Elsden
Third Reich: Twisting the Allies’ Tail * Ted Shalack
En Garde! * Scott Renner
Thumbnail Analysis * Don Lowry
The SDC Report: The SDC Saga Part I * Editor
Movie Review: Star Wars * Linda Rader
Miniature Warfare * Don Lowry
Book Review * Don Lowry
G2 Reports * Editor
Mail Call

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