Panzerfaust #56

Issue #56 of Panzerfaust (November-December 1972) was the fourth under Don Lowry, and the last one produced in Indiana on his press, though it actually went out after the business had moved to Maine.

Line of Communications * Editor
Anzio: Born 1969 – Died 1972 * Tom Oleson
Fall Gelb Revisited * Kevin Slimak
The Oblique Line * Thomas Nowak
In Defense of Belgium * Harold Totten
Let’s Play 1914 * Chuck Holland
Napoleonic Kalinatactic * Mike Guth
Design Analysis: Hannibal * Harold Totten
Game Review: Hannibal * Lawrence Schmidt
Wargamer’s Guide to the ACW, Part V * Don Lowry
German Historic Placement in Dunkirk * Gary Gygax
The Battles for France * Tyrone Bomba
Miniatures in Their Oldest Form, a Chess Variant * Gary Gygax
Panzerblitz Defenses, Part II * Vance von Borries
Diplomacy: The Fool’s Mate in Diplomacy * Rich Brooks
Wargaming in Miniature * Gary Gygax
Game Design: Reducing Luck in Wargames * Bill Gale
Thumbnail Analysis * Editor
Wargamer’s Notebook: The World Chess Championships * Harold Totten
Pass in Review * Editor
Reconnaissance in Force * Editor
Mail Call

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