Panzerfaust #61

Issue #61 of of Panzerfaust moved to a new printing service, and a new digest-sized format. It did come out two months after #60, making it effectively (though unmarked) the April-May 1974 issue.

Line of Communications * Editor
War at Sea: The High Seas Fleet, The Tragedy * Robert G. Dick
Aux Armes! * Pete Bennett
The Tactics of Panzerblitz * Roy Easton
Game Review: Conquest * Louis Pulsipher
USN Modifications * Darrell Stiffler
The Winter War * Harold Totten
Russian Victory in Origins * Anthony O’Brien
Panzerblitz Potpourri *Tom Oleson
What I Don’t Like About SPI * Tom Oleson
Star Trek Revisions * Kenneth W. Burke
Game Design: Rules Design, Historic Considerations, and the Designer * Gary Gygax
Book Review: Four Keys to Ancient Warfare * Gary Gygax
Thumbnail Analysis * Don Lowry
Miniature Warfare: Reality in Wargaming * Gary Gygax
Passing in Review * Don Lowry
G2 Reports * Don Lowry
Mail Call

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