Wargamer’s Guide to Afrika Korps

In 1972, Guidon Games published the “Wargamer’s Guidebook Series”, reprinting the better articles from various magazines on a particular game. All were edited by Don Greenwood, and put together just before (or as) he was hired by Avalon Hill.

The first of these was Wargamer’s Guide to Afrika Korps, containing eleven articles about the design and play of Avalon Hill’s classic 1964 game on the North African campaign in WWII.

This volume is being republished very close to fifty years after its initial release, and contains an afterword from Don Greenwood himself, with his thoughts on five decades in wargaming, and on Afrika Korps itself.

Foreword * Don Greenwood
Play Balance for Afrika Korps * Victor Madeja
Sink Some African Sands * Victor Madeja
Absurdity of Afrika Korps * John Perica
Tactics of Isolation * Carl Knabe II
Afrika Korps Replayed * AH Staff
Tactics & Strategy * David B. Whiskeyman
A New German Approach * Jared Johnson
Rommel Rides Again * Allan Wood
The Tobruch Dilemna * Harley Anton
Shortcomings of Afrika Korps * Chuck Lane
The Afrika Korps Thesis * Tom Hazlett

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Panzerfaust #61

Issue #61 of of Panzerfaust moved to a new printing service, and a new digest-sized format. It did come out two months after #60, making it effectively (though unmarked) the April-May 1974 issue.

Line of Communications * Editor
War at Sea: The High Seas Fleet, The Tragedy * Robert G. Dick
Aux Armes! * Pete Bennett
The Tactics of Panzerblitz * Roy Easton
Game Review: Conquest * Louis Pulsipher
USN Modifications * Darrell Stiffler
The Winter War * Harold Totten
Russian Victory in Origins * Anthony O’Brien
Panzerblitz Potpourri *Tom Oleson
What I Don’t Like About SPI * Tom Oleson
Star Trek Revisions * Kenneth W. Burke
Game Design: Rules Design, Historic Considerations, and the Designer * Gary Gygax
Book Review: Four Keys to Ancient Warfare * Gary Gygax
Thumbnail Analysis * Don Lowry
Miniature Warfare: Reality in Wargaming * Gary Gygax
Passing in Review * Don Lowry
G2 Reports * Don Lowry
Mail Call

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