Fox Den

Fox Den is a small publisher of print and e-books, concentrating on History and SF&F.

We are currently full-up with projects and are not accepting submissions.

Upcoming titles:

No Turning Back by Donald S. Lowry (reprint)

This first volume of a purely chronological account of the last year of The Civil War was originally published in 1991, and has been out of print for over a decade. Fox Den is bringing it (and the other three volumes) back into print in ebook and hardcopy formats.

Panzerfaust #52

The final issue of Don Greenwood’s run on Panzerfaust is now available! This issue (March-April 1972) had already gone to being printed by Don Lowry, but still from typewritten layouts.

Recon: Editorial
Wargamer of the Month: Martin Campion * Editor
Diplomacy: The Mythology of Chance in Diplomacy * Rick Brooks
A Second Look at D-Day ’65 * Chuck Lane
German Defense in Anzio * Harold Totten
Panzerblitz Defenses * Vance von Bories
A Wargamer’s Guide to the ACW, Part II * Don Lowry
Wargamer’s Notebook * Editor
Line of Communications * Editor
Thumbnail Analysis * Editor
Pass in Review * Editor
Chainmail Additions * Len Lakofka
A First Look at Poland, 1939 * George Phillies
Second Punic War: A Basic Game of Strategy * J.E. Pournelle, PhD.
Impulse Movement * Roy Matheson
Miniature Warfare * Gary Gygax
331 BC * Donald Greenwood
Book Review * Damian Housman
GHQ Novice Rules * Joe Tovar
Fall Barbarossa: The German Offensive in Stalingrad * Harold Totten
PanzerBlitz Changes * Denis Fustini
Close Assault Tactics * Vance von Borries

Available at Wargame Vault.