Welcome to a brand-new publishing enterprise! Things are still a little disorganized here, but let me fill you in on the general picture:

Fox Den is a tiny-press publisher. Which is to say, it’s not even a small press. It is an actual business, but unless a miracle occurs, it is also a hobby; I’m not expecting to see any real amount of profit from this. But it is a publisher; it’s goal is not to serve as one man’s vanity press, but to publish a small number of different projects that I like through the magic of electronic publishing and print-on-demand services.

The idea for this company has gone through a number of iterations. The first was as a publisher of role-playing supplements; this could still happen if I can get myself writing.

The second was a electronic publisher of older public domain books (notably histories). There’s a number of publishers out there doing an absolutely horrible job of it right now, and surpassing their lack of editorial control is a low bar.

Right now, that last idea is on hold for a similar project: Fox Den will be re-publishing, with permission of the author, a four book series on the last year of the American Civil War by Donald S. Lowry, who is currently self-publishing a related series on the 1863 campaigns.

And Fox Den is currently getting ready to publish its first fantasy book, The Warrior’s Keeper, by Christina “Smudge” Hanson, the creator of Ebin & May and The Bureau of Mana Investigation. I expect to publish further prose stories from her in the future.