Panzerfaust #69

The September-October 1975 issue of Panzerfaust stayed on schedule, and featured an interview with Gary Gygax.

Historical Overlord * Steve Kane
Panzerfaust Interviews TSR * Don Lowry
The Defense of Quebec * Don Lowry
Tank! Game Review * Jim Putka
Blind Tank! * Russell Johnston
Search & Destroy * Pat Allen
Ti-Terran! * Roberto Camino
Two Games of the Ancient Period * Jack Greene, Jr.
The Battle of the Barents Sea * George R. Cooper
The Battle of Five Armies * Larry Smith
The Anzio Bridges * Joe Nieminski
Passing in Review * Don Lowry
Miniature Warfare * Don Lowry
Thumbnail Analysis * Editor
G2 Reports * Editor
Mail Call

Available at Wargame Vault.

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