Campaign #80

Issue 80 (July-August 1977) continued with the new title and cover format. In this case the cover was blown up and printed on chipboard, where it would serve as a convention advertisement for the next few years.

Bull Run II: Situation and Game * Jerrold Thomas
An Interview with Richard Berg * Patrick A. Flory
The Bull Stops Here * Patrick A. Flory
Wargaming in Europe 1973-76 * Cpt. Henry C. Robinette
Metamorphosis Alpha: A Game For Everyone * Jeffery Paul Jones
Orccon I * Frank Peterson
Campaign Subscibers’ Annual Awards * Editor
Primary in Continental * Vance von Borries
A Review of the Movie, Wizards * Linda Rader
Thumbnail Analysis * Don Lowry
The SDC Report: Kesselschlact is Coming! * Editor
Miniature Warfare * Don Lowry
G2 Reports * Editor
Mail Call

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