The Keeper’s Warrior

TheKeepersWarrior-coverThe Long Road is long indeed.

But even the most traveled of rolling stones needs a respite. And that’s exactly what Warrior, a half-Elf sell-sword, finds when he stumbles into the seaside village of Echo Cove. It is there that he gains a renewed faith in his Goddess Euseeda, a quiet, deep-trusting friendship with the shrine’s Keeper, and a chance to rectify the worst, most devastating blunder that he has ever committed.

Christina “Smudge” Hanson’s latest book is a switch for those used to her graphic novels and comic short stories, but is illustrated, interior and exterior by her.

This is actually a collection of three short stories that combine to form one novella, and began life as her NaNoWriMo project last year.

The first short story is available as a free sample.


Print (6″x9″ softcover) – ISBN 978-1-942438-00-7:

ebook – ISBN 978-1-942438-01-4:

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