Campaign #87

The 87th issue of Campaign (September-October 1978) featured a look at the equipment in Squad Leader, and reviews of a number of science fiction games.

The Weapons and Tactics of Squad Leader * Lorrin Bird
Starships & Spacemen: Close Encounters of the Usual Kind * Jeffrey Paul Jones
Upward and Outward: New Fantasy and Science Fiction Games * Charles Elsden
A Referee’s Guide to Star Empires * Norman S. Howe
PBM Troopers * Leslie Doggrell
Skill and Chance in Modern Games – A Critique * Jay Reese
Game Design: Simulation vs. Gamesmanship * Len Kanterman & Doug Bonforte
Thumbnail Analysis * Don Lowry
Book Review * Don Lowry
Miniature Warfare * Don Lowry
G2 Reports * Editor

Available on Wargame Vault.

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