Lowrys Guidon #2

The second issue of Lowrys Guidon came out in April 1972, alongside the 1972 Discount Catalog and shortly after Don Lowry had acquired Panzerfaust from Don Greenwood. It expanded to 20 pages, and had a few more articles than the first issue, but otherwise kept the same format.

British Line Infantry 1812-15 * Wally Williams, Jr.
Airfix Order of Battle * Don Lowry
Zulu! by Gary Gygax
Rorke’s Drift * Jeff Perren
Modeler’s Corner: The Meat Wagon * Don Lowry

And nine-plus pages of thoroughly out-of-date listings for books; conventions; miniatures from K&L; models from AHM, Tamiya, Airfix, and Armtec; Guidon Games products; the new Panzerfaust; and Zocchi’s Star Trek Battle Manual.

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Panzerfaust #62

Don Lowry’s personal copy of Panzerfaust #62 has “Jun-Jul ’74” penciled on the cover, which would be about when this undated issue went out.

The Swedish National Army of Gustavus Adolphus * Kent H. Clotfelter
Wargamer’s Guide To the American Civil War, Part VII * Don Lowry
Chaco: Game Review * Jack Greene, Jr
Bar Lev: The Use of the Israeli Air Force * John Hill
Delaying Action * Don Lowry
Winter War, Addendum * Patrick J. Allen
Strategy I Checklist * Harold Totten
Realistic D-Day * Carl Bennett
SS Cavalry – 1945 * Antonio Munoz
Diplomacy: A Fight to the Finnish * Tom Hubbard
Thumbnail Analysis * Editor
Passing in Review * Editor
Reconnaissance in Force * Editor
G2 Reports * Editor
Mail Call

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