Wargamer’s Guide to The Battle of the Bulge

The second booklet in Guidon Game’s Wargamer’s Guidebook Series came out around April 1972, and reprinted articles from The Avalon Hill General, International Wargamer, and Panzerfaust collected by Don Greenwood.

These are all about the original 1965 Avalon Hill release of the game, though there is also a review of Guidon Games’ variant Operation Greif.

Introduction * Don Greenwood
Before the Bulge * James F. Dunnigan
Operation Greif * Lawrence Schmidt
On the Way to Antwerp * Bob Hultman
Baron von der Heydte Jumps Again * Craig Alder
Bulge Follow-Up * G. Phillies
Allied Defense in Bulge * Len Lakofka
Bulge Commentary * Chuck Lane
How to Lose at Bulge * Myrun Brudnage
How to Capture Antwerp Without Really Trying * Richard Shagrin
Bulge: Isolation & Supply * Mike Carr
Key to German Victory in Bulge * Joseph Pollock
Exploiting the Initiative in Bulge * Don Lowry
Seizing the Initiative in Bulge * Don Lowry

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Panzerfaust #63

By the reconstructed schedule, this was the August-September 1974 issue. The big news this time was the sale of Lowrys Hobbies (the original mail-order store) to Pete Rice, under the name “The Toy Soldier”.

Game Review: Seven Days * Richard Hamblen
Le Jour de Gloire: The Aftermath of Napoleon’s Victory at Waterloo * Robert D. Harman
Incremental PanzerBlitz * Andy Lavis, Tom Olson & Jim Snellen
Game Review: Two From Rand * Pete Bennett
French Victory in Napoleon at Waterloo * Anthony O’Brien
Allied Victory in Austerlitz * Roland Wong
SPI vs SDC in SEA * Chuck Holland
The Disposition of the German Army, June-December, 1944 * Antonio Munoz
Game Design: Computerized Board-gaming * Scott P. Duncan
Miniature Warfare: The Owlhoot Trio * Gary Gygax
Thumbnail Analysis * Editor
G2 Reports * Editor
Mail Call

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