Lowrys Guidon #3

The third issue of Lowrys Guidon came out around late July 1972, after a trip to Maine to secure a larger house for the family and business. It went back down to twelve pages in the same format as the first two issues.

Modeler’s Corner * Don Lowry
Discovering Wargaming * Chuck Lane
Hardtack Additions * Don Lowry

And five-plus pages of thoroughly out of date listings for models from Tamiya and Bachmann, Scruby and Imrie/Risley miniatures, Roskopf minitanks, scenery from Preiser, the Wargamer’s Guide to Stalingrad, and second edition Chainmail.

Available at Wargame Vault.

One thought on “Lowrys Guidon #3”

  1. Hey James,

    Another great read. Really enjoyed your dad’s editorial regarding the goings on of the business and had a real chuckle at the job descriptions for the upcoming open positions in Maine. ‘Gal Friday,’ I haven’t heard that term in decades – and to have ‘scapegoat’ in the job description, had a real belly laugh at that one. Probably not politically correct these days, but who cares!

    Chuck Lane’s article, Discovering Wargaming, was a great read. Interestingly enough there is a resurgence of interest in wargaming at certain colleges and universities. Georgetown University in Washington DC has a large group of wargamers. Dr. Lew Pulsipher, designer of more than a few games, offers game designing classes at a community college. The more things change, the more they stay the same… All good for us!

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