Lowrys Guidon #1

At the start of 1972, Lowrys Hobbies was a successful mail-order store for wargamers. However, the catalog was going out of date faster than it could easily be revised, so a supplement with updates and corrections was provided.

It also contained a short editorial giving news about the business, and two articles. In the normal course of events, it would have started picking up more articles, and expanded until it became an actual magazine.

Instead, Panzerfaust was purchased from Don Greenwood just a few months later. Lowrys Guidon ran for nine issues, and did pick up more content, but was mostly a catalog supplement the entire time.

How Can War Be a Game? * Gary Gygax (reprinted in An Introduction to Wargaming, and the 1972 catalog)
Modeller’s Corner: Grizzly Bear * Editor

And five-plus pages of thoroughly out-of-date listings for Airfix, Tamiya, Monogram, and Nitto model kits; GHQ micro-armor, and 20mm Napoleonics; Old Guard, Cavalier, Bachman, and Bussler miniatures; Fast Rules, Zocchi’s Battle of Britain, and Presstype.

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Panzerfaust #60

Issue #60 of Panzerfaust was the first of a set of eight issues that did not bear a cover date. However, Don Lowry’s personal copy has “Feb-Mar ’74” penciled on the cover, implying it went out about five months late. Among the regular articles is a piece by Jack Scruby describing how the miniatures business works.

Line of Communications * Editor
A Point Is a Point * Richard Hamblen
More Nuts and Bolts About Game Design * Thomas Nowak
The Cavalry Quandary * Richard Hamblen
SGC Waterloo Rules Clarification * The Simulations Games Committee
Much Ado About Nothing * Jack Scruby
Games For Three * Bill Gale
Game Review: Kasserine Pass * Norris L. Darrall
Game Review: NORAD * Tyrone Bomba
Tactical Analysis in Bulge * Paul D. Mills
The Tonkin War 1950–4 * Guy Hail
The Imperial Roman Legions * Thomas Coveney
Jets and Rockets and Other Fancy Stuff in Luftwaffe * Marvant Duhon
Fantasy Wargaming a’la Tolkien * Gary Gygax
Game Design: The Cohesion Factor * Bill Gale
Diplomacy: How to Play the Youngstown Variant * Rod Walker
Thumbnail Analysis * Editor
G2 Reports * Editor
Passing in Review * Editor
Mail Call

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