Panzerfaust #59

Issue #59 of Panzerfaust (July-August 1973), along with the normal game reviews, commentary, strategy articles, variants and other articles expected of a gaming magazine, also has commentary from five people in the wargame industry of 1972, representing Avalon Hill, Conflict Games, Simulations Design Corporation, Gamma Two Games, and Guidon Games (SPI was asked, but didn’t respond) about the future of wargaming.

Line of Communications * Editor
Anzio’s Heirs * Chuck Holland
The Future of Wargaming: Comments From Five Wargame Publishers * Don Greenwood, John Hill, Dana Lombardy, T. T. Dagliesh, Don Lowry
The Austrian Army and Navy 1792-1815 * David L. Arneson
Design Analysis: Richthofen’s War, Fight in the Skies, Flying Circus, by Harold Totten
And Then There Were Three: Richthofen’s War * Mike Carr
Battle of Finger Ridge – 1808 * Jack Scruby
Dunkirk Openings * T. Nowak
The Fog of War * Leon L. Tucker
Strategy in Overlord * John Hill
Some Gripes With Operation Greif * Stephen List
Afterthoughts on Alexander * Gary Gygax
Airpower in France ’40 * Harold Totten
Diplomacy * Lewis Pulsipher
Game Design * Bill Gale
Miniature Warfare * Gary Gygax
Thumbnail Analysis * Tom Wham
Reconnaissance in Force * Pete Bennett
Passing in Review * Pete Bennett
G2 Reports * Editor
Mail Call

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One thought on “Panzerfaust #59”

  1. As this “latest” prior issue of Panzerfaust was posting to the Wargame Vault a few of us were discussing the future of wargaming. One thing can be said with certainty about this topic, there are as many opinions about the future of wargaming as there are grognards. A bit later in the day I downloaded Panzerfaust #59. It was with particular interest I read the future of wargaming articles by greats such as Don Greenwood, The Avalon Hill Company, John Hill, The Conflict Game Company (and the designer / creator of Advanced Squad Leader), Dana Lombardy, Simulations Design Corporation, T. T. Dalgliesh, Gamma Two Games, and Don Lowry, editor of the Panzerfaust. It was fascinating to read each of their opinions about the future keeping in mind these articles were written in 1973. Each had very differing opinions and viewpoints. Some of their articles were quiet prescient and others… well they missed the mark – sometimes by a lot. Thanks for getting Panzerfaust back in circulation. Really enjoying the read!

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