Panzerfaust and Campaign #76

The third full-size issue of Panzerfaust and Campaign (#76, November-December 1976) gained another four pages, but kept the same overall format, and used the same cover illo as #52.

How to Lose Chickamauga and Enjoy it * Frank Peterson
Conquering the Reichswald * Jeffery Paul Jones
Origins II: My First National Convention * John L. Ryan
Our Most Worthy Enemy * Robert A. Braun
Tactics in Russian Campaign * Thomas E. Hilton
Third Reich: The German’s Options * Michael J. Panicali
Aggressiveness in African Campaign * John Michalski
Game Design: A Four CRT System * Patrick A. Flory
Miniature Warfare * Editor
Thumbnail Analysis * Editor
G2 Reports * Editor
Mail Call

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