Panzerfaust #57

Issue #57 of Panzerfaust (January-February 1973) was the first done at a regular printing service, which meant the size changed (to 6″x9″), but the page count went up, the paper quality was much improved, and it was properly trimmed.

This was the first issue produced in Maine, in a more spacious area than the home in Evansville, but the change in venue and printing did cause it to come out in a rush, and be more error-prone.

Line of Communications * Editor
The Atlanta Campaign * Don Lowry
Designing Atlanta * Don Lowry
The Ratio of Forces to Space * Jerry Pournelle
Wargamers Guide to the ACW, Part VI * Don Lowry
Gettysburg & Chancellorsville * Steven List
Game Design * Bill Gale
Thumbnail Analysis * Tom Wham
Miniature Warfare * Gary Gygax
Book Review * Editor
Passing in Review * Pete Bennett
Reconnaissance in Force * Editor
Wargamer’s Notebook * Editor
Mail Call

Available at Wargame Vault.

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