What Has Gone Before

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Y135 Hydran Reconquest
  Klingons Victorious! Mark Patch Rindis
  SH121 (S2) Tug of War Rindis Mark & Patch
  Federation TUG
  Klingon E4J F5 D6D D7
Y136 Second Federation-Kzinti War begins
  Impressing the Natives Patch Rindis Mark
  SL205 (CL24) Flashpoint Mantor Mark Rindis Patch
  The Battle of Cygnus VI Patch & Mark Rindis
  Klingon F5J D6C
  Lyran FLG
Y137 Klingon F5D D7E D7N
Y138 All Frigates, All the Time Patch Rindis Mark
  Klingon F5S
  Kzinti CA
  Gorn FLG
  Hydran HNG LNG
Y139 Kzinti FLG
Y140 (YG8.14) Range-3 Tractors
  (YG7.65) Range-5 Transporters
  (G13.0) Cloaking Device
  Romulan Incursion Rindis Mark Patch
  Federation FFT FFP CLH GSC
  Klingon E4I D6I
  Romulan SNS H-S WH-S WB VUL
  Gorn CC
  Hydran TUG
Y141 SP80 (CL13) Attack! Patch Rindis
  Klingon TGA D7Z
  Kzinti CLD
Y142 Second Federation-Kzinti War ends
  Hydran GEN
Y143 To Lead a Frigate Patch Rindis
  CC Celebration Mark Patch Rindis
  SH35 (S1) Into the Rings Patch Rindis
  Federation CC
  Klingon F5C D7C C4B
Y145 (YM2.35) Range-1 detection on mines
  SH122 (S2) Battle of the Long Claws Rindis Mark Patch
  SH167 (F1) Deadfall Rindis Patch & Paul
  Federation FEM
  Klingon F5T
  Hydran PGS SAR SR
Y147 Kzinti CC
  Tholian C
Y148 SL108 (CL8) Orion Roulette Patch Rindis
  SG17 (C1) Probing the WYN Cluster Patch Rindis & Mark
  Federation DN
Y149 Gorn Trial Patch Rindis
  SL109 (CL8) The Taking of the Solitude Klingon Tholian
  SL110 (CL8) Escape From the Holdfast Rindis & Mark Patch
Y150 (FD9.0) ECM Drones
  Federation CFF
  Klingon F5I C6
  Kzinti DNE
  Gorn SR
  Tholian WT
  Orion LRS SAL
  Hydran INS TEM
  Lyran BCE DNE
Y152 SH47 (S1) The Stasis Box Mark Rindis
  Destroyer Squadrons Mark Patch Rindis
  SH42 (C1) Selected Attack Mark & Patch Rindis
  First Duel Paul Rindis
  Team Madness! Rindis Mark Paul Patch
  SH47 (S1) The Stasis Box (redux) Rindis Mark Patch
  An Uphill Battle Patch Rindis Mark Paul
  SH168 (F1) The Wormy Apple Tholian Jindarian
  Klingon F5P
  Romulan M-III
  Kzinti CLM
Y153 SH123 (S2) Battle of Vandaha Patch & Paul Rindis Mark
Y154 A Tale of Two DNs Paul & Mark Rindis & Patch
  SL298 (CL43) A Measure of Fear Federation Romulan
  Tholian PDD
Y155 (FD6.0) Probe Drones
  SH50 (S1) Landing Party Mark Patch
  SH49 (S1) Wolf in Sheep's Clothing Mark Patch & Rindis
  SH48 (S1) The Cassini Incident Federation Klingon
  Klingon F5G
Y156 Second Klingo-Federation War
  SH51 (S1) The Federation Exchange Mark Patch
  Starship Nostalgia Zjonni Rindis Rindis
  SH8 (AM) The Trojan Shuttle I Rindis Mark & Patch
  SG1 (BS) Duel Rindis Colin
  Two For One Starship Sale Zjonni Rindis
  Zjonni Rindis
  SL265 (CL37) Battle of Iridima VII Federation Klingon
Y157 Four Powers War begins
  SH52 (S1) Who Invited the Romulans? Federation Gorn Romulan
  SH124 (S2) Kroal's Illegitimate War Mark & Patch Rindis
Take 2: [Part 1] [Part 2] Rindis Rindis
  SH125 (S2) Pressing an Advantage Patch & Mark Rindis & Mark
  SH126 (S2) The Sally Rindis Patch
  Combat Patrol Rindis Patch
  UL2 (CL4) Where Wisdom Fails [Part 2] Rindis Patch
Y158 SH4 (BS) Cruise Drones Klingon
  SM1 (BS) The Planet Crusher Rindis
  SL254 (CL34) Catching Hell Rindis Patch
  SL294 (CL42) Operation Stabilize Rindis Mark
  Federation MS
  Romulan SNS+ HK+ WB+
  Tholian PDD+
Y159 SM2 (BS) The Space Amoeba Rindis
  Destroyer Destruction Derby Patch Rindis

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