Okay, finally blew up ships today. I knew going in this would be a bit tough on me, but I had hoped for a better showing.

We have three people, and today we did a three-way free-for-all. As I’m the most experienced (and teaching the others) it is inevitable that I would be the one that gets picked on more than the other two (even though I also had a weaker force). So today’s line up:


Mark Mike James
Federation Klingons Kzinti
CL 98 D6 122 CL 84
DD 94 F5 71 CL 84
Total 192 193 168

The first couple turns were spent maneuvering and each trying to get a decent position without being too vulnerable to the third person. On turn 2 both the Fed light cruiser and one of mine took internal hits, but nothing they couldn’t survive. The bigger problem for me was loosing both right-hand shields on that ship. This forced me into a graceless 360-degree turn that put me out of the fight for turn three.

Unfortunately, nothing decisive happened while I wasn’t involved. But the Fed-DD missed with 2 photons at the start of 4, and then turned away – from me and it’s supporting CL. I chased it down and made sure it wouldn’t bother anyone again. In the meantime, the Klingons slipped in behind me.

Over the next couple turns, the DD gets away (by separation), the F-CL, the D6 and the F5 pound my damaged CL. We left the day with the D6 chasing away my other CL and the damaged one crippled and unable to get away from the F5 and F-CL. About the only thing that wasn’t really decided was if the F-CL and F5 would have a falling out on the next turn, and what would happen. The F-CL had lost one shield, and a third of it’s weapons. The F5 is smaller and had a couple of dented shields, but was intact. So, if one got a great shot at the other… and maybe the Z-CL could get away at that point. But it was crippled, and had lost 5 of it’s six shields.

So with me out of it, and the Feds down a ship, it’s pretty obvious that Mike came out on top of today’s fighting. Considering that I’m trying to teach them to do better, it’s good to loose. Good job Mike!