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[See Part 1.]

The two F5s took the blast on the #2 shields without taking internals, but the E4J was hit on the weak #3, and took 7 internals (after blowing a battery) losing one power and the #2 and #4 phasers.

The E4J moved into the F-AS’ hex the next impulse, which fired into the front shield, dinging it. On impulse 16, the E4J moved adjacent to the CivBS and fired, doing 6 damage to the #6 shield through a 2 shift (ECM and poor crew penalty).

By impulse 21, the F5P and F5I-2 had moved adjacent to the base, and everything opened up. The two F5s launched a drone and a shuttle apiece, while the F-AL fired on the F5I. The CivBS fired ph-3s at the F5I and ph-2s at the F5P. The POL tried for point defense, firing one ph-3 at each drone, a disruptor at a shuttle, and 2xph-2s at the other shuttle. The F5s poured everything they had (5xph-2 and 2x overloaded disruptors each) at the CivBS.

Situation when everyone opened fire.

F5I-2 took 45 damage, punching 31 internals through the #6 shield, knocking out 9 power, both disruptors, 2 phasers and all controls spaces (other than security). The F5P took 32 damage on #6, causing 8 internals, knocking out one disruptor and the #1 and #4 phasers.

Poor rolls from the POL let both drones live while killing both shuttles.

Bad rolls, and a +1 shift caused 2 of the four disruptors fired at the CivBS to miss, and total damage was 62, causing 39 internals through the #1 shield. While only three phasers (#3, #8 & #9) were hit, so was one tractor, and it ripped through the hull and destroyed 13 repair boxes (out of 22).

The next impulse, the drones were knocked down by the Agro Station and a previously-launched shuttle, while further shuttles were launched from the E4J and E4I-1. The impulse after that, the CivBS launched two drones. (…all CivBS have drones, even if it belongs to a race that never uses them, it seems.)

On impulse 24, the two E4Is, having made it across the main line of TBs, slip in to range 4 on the oblique and fire. +1 for ECM combines with bad rolls so that no disruptors hit, and only six damage was taken from 8xph-2s. This knocked out another 2 phasers and four repair.

On Impulse 26, F5I-2, following behind the E4Is, slips in and fires. Again the disruptors miss at range 4 with a +1 shift. The 5xph-2 manage better, scoring 6 damage (instead of 6 damage across 8xph-2…). This knocks out a drone rack, and another two phasers, leaving the CivBS with 4 phasers total.

As the Klingons started maneuvering past the base, one of the drones took out one of the shuttles on impulse 28. On impulse 30, the one launched from E4I-1, from further away, turns out to be a scatterpack, and releases its drones while the drone from the CivBS is still 2 hexes away.

On impulse 32, the second wave of bombardment drone reach the line of transporter bombs. M7 does not detonate, but M3 does, wiping them out.

This is the critical turn. In the original game, things were very bad because the base was crippled, and all the tractors on it were destroyed, forcing it to drop all three Orion ships. This time is only slightly better. Two of the tractors are intact, so only LR-2 gets dropped at this point. However, weapons are running out, and so is Repair. Since there’s not much Hull on the CivBS, and hull hits turn into repair hits, the CivBS is down to 4 repair boxes. This frees up some power, but means getting the Orions underway is nearly impossible.

LR-1 still needs another two repair points to turn on a DamCon box so that it can start activating systems on its own. That leaves two repair points left over to do… I’m not sure what.

The Klingon force has become scattered, and may still get in trouble the the defending ships and the FF that is about to show up. However, now they can afford to spend more effort on achieving the mission of destroying the Orions, rather than reducing the base. There’s not much worry that the base will get them operational any time soon.