In Y148, two E4 frigates were escorting a convoy when they were attacked by an Orion Light Raider.

Patch and I just started playing this scenario from CL8 on-line tonight, with me as the Orion pirate. It’s certainly interesting. The LR is about the same size as the E4s, but is definitely more than a match for one. Two is generally a different story. But I don’t have to kill them, I just have to capture one of the three freighters they’re escorting and get away.

My initial thought was to pepper him at medium range and transport boarders over if an opportunity presented with empty weapons.

Well, that didn’t happen. I did a close range pass, and wrecked one E4. Both of our die rolls were horrible. On average, mine were worse, but I got a good roll where it counted: the overloaded photon torpedo (only 12 points, alas). He’s knocked down my #1, so… another pass to wreck the other could be a problem.

Between the two E4s, three small freighters, the five shuttles they launched, and all the maneuver markers for them, it got pretty crowded:

SFB trying to look like an ASL city fight… -or- ‘How do I get into these situations?’

Yes, there’s ships underneath all those other counters….

So, we’re at the beginning of turn 2. Can our villains get onboard a freighter? Can they get away with it? Stay tuned….