Okay, I’ve been seriously behind on game reporting (and anything else online, really).

The Klingon cruiser Attacker was the testbed for phaser-1 technology. It was rushed to the Hydran front just in time for one of the last battles of the Third Klingon-Hydran War.

Back in the middle of March, Patch and I got together online to play this historical scenario from CL13. It isn’t much, just a fight between the D7Z Attacker and a Hydran Lancer Destroyer, intended to show off the new Klingon ship.

As the Hydran player, I was at a disadvantage (even with four fighters, the DD is no match for any kind of real cruiser). So I made the twin mistake of not going in with a real plan, and spending too much of the first turn on auto-pilot. Towards the end of the turn, we ended up at closeish range, and the D7Z killed three fighters while I rolled poorly from just outside effective range. The beginning of 2 saw the last fighter crippled in return for a little shield damage. A few impulses later, the fighter was eliminated and the Klingon arranged a range-2 pass behind the LN. The gatlings knocked down a shield, while taking 6 internals. The Klingons then decided this was grand fun, and tractored the LN to hold it while the rest of the weapons fired. The LN managed 3 internals through that downed shield while taking another 13. On a ship that small, that started knocking out the critical systems. Further weapons fire knocked out both ship’s #1 shields, but didn’t penetrate (good tractor and drone timing by Patch guaranteed I ran into one).

The Klingons had to release the tractor to cause the drone hit. After that, I maneuvered to disengage, I was out of padding, low on power, and would have to wait two turns to get two of my heavy weapons back. Without fighters, this was not a winning proposition, so left and reported to the King that the Klingons now had ph-1s…. And with that out of the way, the clock has advanced to Y143.

Last week, Patch and I got together (online again), for a simple duel between a Kzinti CL and a Klingon F5C. Technically, we shouldn’t see an F5C alone (being a squadron command vessel), but it’s too nice a ship not to give the Patch a chance to try it out.

Sigh. I’m finding that Kzinti ‘stack’ well, that is they do decent in groups, but in this era, they just don’t duel all that well. Compounding this is bad instincts. I keep wanting to forget that I’m still dealing with limited arcs and getting into trouble. Anyway, we did two turns, and I’m getting the short end of the stick, but not embarrassingly so like last time. He’s dinged up three shields, I’ve dinged one. However, he is behind me, and is more maneuverable. I’m having a difficult time shaking him. We’ll see how it goes….

Patch says he’s having problems with the maneuvering game, but frankly he’s doing very well. Certainly, I need to start doing better, if I’m going to win much. ^_^

Continued in what was originally a comment:

So we last left our hero with steadily eroding shields and an F5C behind him that he just couldn’t shake.

I decided to go slow in the hopes that a better turn mode might be some help, and that the speedy F5C might end up sailing past me if nothing else. (If he broke off to avoid that, then he’d give me the room I’d wanted to get last turn anyway.)

Not to mention the CL is a power hog. It’s kinda zippy – right up to the point where you try to do anything with it.

The F5C slowed down slightly too, which made my plan a bit harder. We danced around for most of the turn, and he started getting internals on me, while I whiffed what volley I could manage. I refused to blow batteries on it and got relatively lucky. At the end of the turn, The F5C finally committed itself to a close run, and I HETed to get pointed in the right direction, ending the turn at range 3.

Two minutes later I was wondering if that was really the direction I wanted to be pointed in. It cut across his path, which was good. It headed towards the Klingon drone swarm, which was worse than it initially looked. >.< And I probably could have gotten ‘close enough’ with better weapon arcs if I’d gone one hex-facing counter-clockwise.

I’ll figure this out some day.

So, for the next turn, I went even slower as I sucked every erg of power possible into critical systems. The F5C cracked another shield and did another handful of internals, hitting nothing more critical than a ph-3. I slipped into range 2, unloaded, downed a shield and did a single hull box.

But now for the tricky part: I HETed again with the plan of barely outpacing the now-adjacent drones for the rest of the turn. With most of my sheilds down, and internals mounting, it was time to make an escape. But before I went, I’d unload two more range-2 ph-3s through the down shield. If I got really lucky, I could knock out the 3 ph-2 RX, a disruptor and drone rack, at which point I’d see what I could do against a ship with fewer weapons than I.

That was the plan.

Breaking down on my second HET to be a sitting duck for all the drones wasn’t.

Unfortunately, the latter is what happened. When all the drones finished hitting I had 5 power and a ph-1 (still charged). Picking me off when his weapons reloaded would be a cinch.