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Current Year: Y161

Current game: UR1 Planets of Tripoli

Y77 Type-IV drones
  Type-II & -V drones Limited Availability
  UR1 The Planets of Tripoli [R1] [R5] [R8] Rindis Mark
  SL227 (CL29) Sitting Birds Romulan Klingon
  Orion WCL
Y161 (G10.32) Tholian Web strength x1.5
  SH1 (BS) Sabotage Federation Klingon
  SH7 (AM) Rescue the Hostages Rindis Patch
  SH54 (S1) ...And Settle Their Hash Klingon Kzinti
  SL157 (CL17) The Fog of War, The Frenzy of Space Hydran Lyran
  Kzinti AS
  Lyran HDD

What has gone before

Possible suggestions: SG34 Merchant, Pirate, Soldier, Spy (S1).
SG40 The Weakest Link (R1).
SL151 Q-Incidence (CL16).

Next historical scenario: SH54 ...And Settle Their Hash

The next decade in a nutshell.

Available Ships:
Federation Klingon Romulan Kzinti
Gorn Tholian Orion Hydran
Lyran WYN ISC Vudar

Class Studies:
Fighters Police Ships Frigates Destroyers
Light Cruisers Heavy Cruisers Dreadnoughts

Available Supplies

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