Gorn Confederation Navy

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FF (R4): Frigate. Year in Service: Y125. While called a frigate by the Gorns, it is actually their police ship and is used for piracy patrol and convoy escort.

DD (BS): Destroyer. Year in Service: Y120. Designed for escort and patrol duties, the DD is the basis of most Gorn specialist classes. Wartime production 6/year.

SC (AM): Scout. Year in Service: Y125. A standard small scout (2 channels, replacing the forward ph-1 and plasma-G), used for long-range scanning and reaction to enemy forces.

DDG (M): Destroyer Commando Transport. Year in Service: Y127. A small commando ship, it sometimes serves as part of a normal DD squadron.

DDT (R11): Destroyer Transport. Year in Service: Y122. Used mainly for high-priority, low-volume cargo hauling. It is also capable of carrying a single pod (inactive).

FLG (R6): Police Flagship. Year in Service: Y138. A versatile design meant to perform all duties that may be required of the police, but beyond the capabilities of a normal police ship. It is considered a true minesweeper, scout, commando ship, and repair ship under the rules.

CL (BS): Light Cruiser. Year in Service: Y121. The main Gorn warship, it is designed so that can easily be turned into a heavy cruiser. Wartime production 2/year.

COM (M): Commando Transport. Year in Service: Y125. Generally, three of these are in service at any time for raids on Romulan or pirate bases.

TG (AM): Fleet Tug. Year in Service: Y130. Used for the transport of military cargoes. Carries a disk-shaped pod where the rear bubble would be, or can carry two with one stacked on top of the other.

SR (R4): Survey Cruiser. Year in Service: Y150. A cruiser hull outfitted for long-range exploration into uncharted regions with 4 scout channels. During wartime it is ocasionally used as a fleet scout.

CA (BS): Heavy Cruiser. Year in Service: Y121. The standard heavy Gorn warship. Wartime construction: 2/year.

CC (BS): Command Cruiser. Year in Service: Y140. Unlike in most navies, the Gorn CC is identical to the CA except for the addition of a flag bridge.

Annex: Available Pods
P-C (AM): Cargo Pod. Unlike other races, this is in the Gorn's standard 'bubble' configuration, and has 31 cargo boxes that can be used to haul any sort of cargo in military convoys. Number available: effectively infinite.

P-T (AM): Troop Transport Pod. This can be used to transport any type of personnel, but when seen in combat (i.e., in SFB), it is probably ferrying troops for a planetary invasion. It carries 180 crew (people; 18 crew units), of which 160 are boarding parties. It has an auxiliary bridge, impulse, shields, shuttles, and can land on planets on its own. Only 4 of these pods are in service at one time (and usually only 2).

P-SL (AM): Starliner Pod. Generally used to transport important persons in a higher standard of comfort than available in the Troop Pod (or most starships). If used as a troop transport pod, it is nearly identical to one in the important statistics.

P-HBP (AM): Heavy Battle Pod. Used to enhance the combat power of a tug, they allow a tug to be 'self-escorting' while delivering cargo kept internally, or to generate an extra heavy unit in a military emergency. Only 2 of these pods are in service at one time.

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