Tholian Defense Fleet

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PC (BS): Patrol Corvette. Year in Service: Y83. The mainstay of the Tholian fleet, this is the only design that the automated facility can produce without major work. Wartime production: 6/year.

PC+ (BS): Improved Patrol Corvette. Year in Service: Y98. This version trades out the Web Generators (which are difficult to use to lay new web in combat) for additional phaser armament.

CPC (AM): Cargo Patrol Corvette. Year in Service: Y90. This is a modified version of the PC capable of carrying a single tug pod. This pod would generally be a civilian type, or base component. Any non-cargo pod it carries must be carried inert (all internals are treated as 'cargo').

CMC (AM): Commando Patrol Corvette. Year in Service: Y111. A small commando ship.

DPC (AM): Disruptor-armed Patrol Corvette. Year in Service: Y112. At least two PCs were converted to use a disruptor instead of some of the forward phasers. It is suspected that this was done simply to test the weapon before including it on the DD, but these ships have not been converted back to standard phaser armament.

SC (AM): Scout. Year in Service: Y125. A small scout, not really adequate for use in fleet engagements, but the best the Tholians have.

PR (AM): Repair Ship. Year in Service: Y160. A light repair ship. Only nominally capable of carrying out its mission.

PDD (CL40): Police Destroyer. Year in Service: Y154. A testbed for the welding technology that produced the C, the PDD helps fill out the Tholian navy with ships tougher than the Patrol Corvette.

DD (AM): Destroyer. Year in Service: Y115. An expanded and difficult to produce version of the PC, the DD is also currently the heaviest unit in the Tholian fleet. Wartime production is 1/year.

C (AM): Cruiser. Year in Service: Y147. Unable to build anything larger than a PC, the Tholians developed a way to produce a pair of incomplete PCs that could then be joined together as one complete ship. The result is not as good as other race's cruisers, but it still the heaviest unit the Tholians have available.

CA (AM): Heavy Cruiser. Year in Service: Y160. An improved verison of the C. Still only 2/3 movement cost, it's about as good as other empire's CAs.

Annex: Auxiliaries
WT (AM): Web Tender. Year in Service: Y150. This is a small freighter converted to permanently carry a large fusion reactor (APR) and web casters, so that it can lay and maintain webs around bases and the like.

Annex: Available Packs
C-P (AM): Cargo Pack. An eight-box pack that can be carried by nearly any Tholian ship. When used, it adds 1/6 to the movement cost of the ship it is on. Only the CPC carried these with any regularity.

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