Lyran Star Empire

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POL (R3): Manx Police Corvette. Year in Service: Y125. Used by the Lyran Constabulary for escorting convoys and piracy patrol.

FF (C1): Cheetah Frigate. Year in Service: Y120. Used for patrol and police duties by the Lyran Navy. Wartime Production: 4/year.

FFT (CL29): Cheetah-T Transport Frigate. Year in Service: Y140. Used mainly for high-priority, low-volume cargo hauling. It is also capable of carrying a single pod (inactive).

FLG (R6): Abyssinian Police Flagship. Year in Service: Y136. A versatile design meant to perform all duties that may be required of the police, but beyond the capabilities of a normal police ship. It is considered a true minesweeper, scout, commando ship, and repair ship under the rules.

HFF (CL37): Heavy Frigate. Year in Service: Y160. A frigate with a larger center section and engines. Two were converted, and stayed in service for some time.

DD (C1): Leopard Destroyer. Year in Service: Y120. Primarily used to support larger ships in fleet battles. Wartime Production: 4/year.

SC (C1): Ocelot Scout. Year in Service: Y120. Based off the DD, this is a superior small scout with 4 channels.

DDG (M): Commando Destroyer. Year in Service: Y124. Based off the DD, this is standard Lyran commando ship.

CL (C1): Panther Light Cruiser. Year in Service: Y120. Wartime production: 4/year.

TGP (C1): Puma Transport Tug. Year in Service: Y125. Used for the transport of military cargoes. Lyran tugs use a unique pallet design for use with the catamaran design of Lyran ships. A second pallet can be carried, but this must be a cargo pallet mounted backwards in front of the first pallet.

SR (R3): Prairie Cat Survey Ship. Year in Service: Y125. Equipped for survey duties in the Far Stars region, this utility ship is based off the Cougar Fleet Tug, in times of war they are used as fast cargo transports, tugs, scouts, and other roles based off their pallets.

CA (C1): Tiger Heavy Cruiser. Year in Service: Y120. Used as the flagships of the county fleets, these cruisers include a flag bridge. Wartime production, 2/year.

CC (R3): Bengal Tiger Command Cruiser. Year in Service: Y120. An improved version of the CA that was used for flagships of the Ducal fleets. Wartime production: 1/year.

BCE (CL#39): Early Battlecruiser. Year in Service: 150. A rare 'single body' design from the Lyrans, which converts much of the hull form of the CL into a heavy unit.

DNE (R7): Royal Tiger Early Dreadnought. Year in Service: Y150. Wartime leader of a full fleet. Based on an overloaded CA hull, it was not a maneuverable ship, and problems with its design caused the Lyrans to start looking for other solutions.

Annex: Available Pallets
Pal-C (C1): Cargo Pallet. Like other empires, this has 24 cargo boxes that can be used to haul any sort of cargo in military convoys, but is in the Lyran pallet configuration instead of the usual cylindrical pod, and also includes three center hull. There would be enough for any current demand.

Pal-TT (C1): Troop Transport Pallet. This can be used to transport any type of personnel, but when seen in combat (i.e., in SFB), it is probably ferrying troops for a planetary invasion. It carries 360 crew (people; 36 crew units), of which 320 are boarding parties. It has a bridge, impulse, shields, shuttles, and can land on planets on its own. Only 1 or 2 of these pods are in service at one time.

Pal-BP (C1): Battle Pallet. Used to enhance the combat power of a tug, they allow a tug to be 'self-escorting' while delivering cargo kept internally, or to generate an extra heavy unit in a military emergency. Only 2 of these pallets are in service at one time.

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