Imperial Romulan Fleet

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SN-S (Y1): Year in Service: Y140. Snipe. The smallest Romulan ship class, it is used for all manner of purposes, including escort and picket duty. Current refits: SN-S+ (Y158).

H-S (Y1):Year in Service: Y140. Hawk. A competing design to the War Bird, it uses two plasma-G launchers and a smaller hull to provide additional flexibility to War Bird formations. Current refits: H-S+ (Y158).

WH-S (Y1): Year in Service: Y140. Warhawk. The first true carrier, it is a Hawk with five sub-light fighters carried onboard.

WB (Y1):Year in Service: Y140. War Bird. The backbone of the Romulan fleet, and their most numerous class, it is literally built around the large plasma-R launcher. Current refits: WB+ (Y158).

VUL (Y1):Year in Service: Y140. Vulture. A large dreadnought, mounting two of the huge plasma-R launchers, and meant to lead Romulan fleets into action.

K5R (BS):Year in Service: Y160. Frigate. A Klingon F5 converted to Romulan technology.

KR (BS):Year in Service: Y160. Cruiser. A Klingon D6 converted to Romulan technology.

Annex: Fighters
G-0i (CL38): Gladiator-0 (improved). Has a small stasis box that can hold (but not arm) a plasma-F torpedo, and is used as a platform to get extra plasma torpedoes in flight.

G-Li (CL38): Gladiator-L (improved). Mounts a pair of low-power lasers to hunt shuttles and serve as extra point-defense.

L-I (CL38): Legate-I. Planetary defense fighter with a pair of plasma-F torpedoes.

M-I (CL38): Maniple-II. Heavy planetary defense fighter with a pair of plasma-F torpedoes.

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