Federation Star Fleet

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POL (AM): Year in Service: Y127. Police Corvette. This is a multi-purpose police ship used for convoy escort and anti-piracy patrol.

FF (AM): Year in Service: Y127. Frigate. An excellent Frigate, putting a powerful punch in a 1/3 MC hull. Full wartime production would be around 24 FFs a year.

FFG (AM): Year in Service: Y160. Frigate. A refitted version of the FF. At this point it should be the "FF+", as the drone rack would come in later, but no SSD exists for that variant. Full wartime production would be around 24 FFs a year.

CFF (M): Year in Service: Y150. Commando Frigate. A version of the Priority Transport, with more transporters and dedicated to tranporting a marine batallion. It cannot carry pods.

FFP (R2): Year in Service: Y140. VIP Transport. A transport variant equipped with passenger accommodations, and sometimes used in diplomatic service. Ten crew units are actually ‘passengers’. It is also capable of carrying a single pod (inactive) at MC 2/3, or a double-weight one at MC 1. [This is an update to R2.]

FFT (R2): Year in Service: Y140. Priority Transport. Used mainly for high-priority, low-volume cargo hauling. It is also capable of carrying a single pod (inactive) at MC 2/3, or a double-weight one at MC 1. [This is an update to R2.]

FLG (R6): Year in Service: Y134. Police Flagship. Meant to provide precinct commanders with a single ship that can be used for any role the police may need with a single ship. They are considered 'true' minesweepers, scouts, marine ships and repair ships under all the relevant rules.

DD (BS): Year in Service: Y130. Destroyer. Built off of many of the same components as the CA, this ship has all the weapons of the CA, but half the power. Good at bombarding static defenses, it can also command a good fear factor. Wartime production would be about 18 DDs a year.

SC (BS): Year in Service: Y130. Scout. A variant of the DD. Larger than most other scouts, it's size and 8 channels make it the most powerful fleet scout currently built.

CL (BS): Year in Service: Y120. Light Cruiser. This is the latest refit of a hull design that goes back to the First Romulan War and the era before Tactical Warp and shields. Due to its extremely rugged design, these ships (and variants) continue to serve throughout the General War.

CLH (R2): Year in Service: Y140 Hospital Ship. Two CLs were converted for use as hospital ships. As converted warship hulls they could respond to the scene of civilian disasters faster than the typical converted freighter. During wartime these are used to support ground assaults, and provide medical facilities to devastated planets, and fleets.

CLS (R2): Year in Service: Y125. Light Survey Cruiser. Two of these survey ships were built to perform detailed exploration and surveys of interesting systems and phenomena.

CMC (AM): Year in Service: Y125. Commando Cruiser. A troop transport variant of the CL. Around three of these would be in service. It can make powered landings on planets, but takes a few weeks to prepare to lift-off again.

MS (AM): Year in Service: Y158. Minesweeper. A variant of the CL designed to clear minefields. Eight of these were converted.

OCA (CL38): Year in Service: Y125. Alfred the Great-class Heavy Cruiser. Patterned off the older Earth cruiser class as an alternative to the Constitution-class, only two were built, and at this point, only one survives.

TUG (BS): Year in Service: Y135. Fleet Tug. A standard fleet tug, it is designed to haul cargoes at fleet speeds, and has a minimum of weapons. It can carry up to two pods (with the second attached to the rear of the first), but can carry up to three 'weights' of pods.

CA (BS): Year in Service: Y130. Constitution-class Heavy Cruiser. Probably the best rounded cruiser in the game, the Federation CA can serve any role well, with the problem of no real rear weapon coverage. Some of these were refitted from the earlier Republic-class to save money, but the cost proved nearly as great as building a new ship. Wartime production would be 4 CAs per year.

CAR (BS): Year in Service: Y160. Rear phaser refit. Individual CAs had a pair of RH Ph-1s added for plasma and drone defense. It would be years before it became standard. Wartime production would be 4 CAs per year.

GSC (AM): Year in Service Y140. Galactic Survey Cruiser. A cruiser-type hull outfitted for long-range exploration into uncharted regions with 4 scout channels. During wartime it is sometimes used as a fleet scout.

CC (BS): Year in Service: Y143. Command Cruiser. These command ships are meant to lead squadrons of CAs, and provide fleet flagships during peacetime.

DN (BS): Year in Service: Y148. Dreadnought. Wartime leader of a full fleet. During peacetime, these ships usually stay docked at a starbase. Bigger and more powerful than any other class, with better command facilities, its weaponry is still only slightly better than a CC's.

Annex: Available Pods
P-CP (BS): Cargo Pod. Standard 24-box pod that can be used to haul any sort of cargo in military convoys. Number available: effectively infinite.

P-SL (BS): Starliner Pod. Capable of carrying 300 people, it is generally used for the relief of distant stations. Capable of independent (sublight) operations, it is occasionally used as troop pod.

P-BP (BS): Battle Pod. Used to enhance the combat power of a tug, they allow a tug to be 'self-escorting' while delivering cargo kept internally, or to generate an extra heavy unit in a military emergency. Only 3 of these pods are in service at one time.

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