Kzinti Battle Fleet

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CU (CL45): Police Cutter. Year in Service: Y122. Slightly smaller than the FF, it is used for internal patrols and monitoring the pre-spaceflight planets within the Hegemony. Production stopped around Y148 in favor of the POL, but some will be in service for decades yet.

POL (R2): Police Corvette. Year in Service: Y130. A slightly cheaper version of the FF, used by the civilian constabulary as an escort and police patrol ship.

FF (BS): Frigate. Year in Service: Y122. Designed for escort and patrol duties, the FF is the basis of most Kzinti specialist classes. Wartime production 6/year.

SF (AM): Scout Frigate. Year in Service: Y127. A standard small scout (3 channels, replacing the forward disruptor and ph-1), used for long-range scanning and reaction to enemy forces.

FFG (M): Commando Frigate. Year in Service: Y128. A standard small commando ship. Nearly unarmed, but very fast.

DF (AM): Drone Frigate. Year in Service: Y134. Used for drone bombardment duties. It has no scout sensors, and receives its targeting information from the rest of the fleet.

FFT (R11): Transport Frigate. Year in Service: Y122. Used mainly for high-priority, low-volume cargo hauling. It is also capable of carrying a single pod (inactive).

FLG (R6): Police Flagship. Year in Service: Y139. A versatile design meant to perform all duties that may be required of the police, but beyond the capabilities of a normal police ship. It is considered a true minesweeper, scout, commando ship, and repair ship under the rules.

SDF (R2): Scout Drone Frigate. Year in Service: Y160. The drone bombardment frigate with scout channels, so it can guide its own long-range drones.

FH (R2): Heavy Frigate. Year in Service: Y160. The first attempt at refitting the Kzinti frigate. It has good firepower, at the expense of suffering from shock.

DD (R2): Destroyer. Year in Service: Y160. A completely new ship design, it was good for Y160, but got overtaken by later designs and relegated to second-line duty.

CL (BS): Light Cruiser. Year in Service: Y122. Currently the main Kzinti warship, providing identical moderate-range firepower to the heavier CS on a lighter and cheaper frame. Wartime production 6/year.

CLG (M): Light Commando Cruiser. Year in Service: Y127. Meant for ground troop support and commando raids.

CLD (CL20): Light Drone Cruiser. Year in Service: Y140. This is a variant of the CL used for drone bombardment missions, with special sensors for use in long-range targeting. It is also often used in the fleet scout role.

CLM (CL20): Light Cruiser Minesweeper. Year in Service: Y152. One of the first minesweeping units. It proved effective, but expensive for its job.

CLC (CL20): Light Command Cruiser. Year in Service: Y127. Used to lead light cruiser squadrons, or possibly small task forces, there is typically one CLC for every 2 or 3 regular CLs. It features a modified front hull with a flag bride and increased power.

TGT (AM): Transport Tug. Year in Service: Y130. Used for the transport of military cargoes. Can carry one pod in the center, or two in tandem; it can carry up to three 'weights' in pods. There is generally one in each noble's fleet.

CS (BS): Strike Cruiser. Year in Service: Y125. While the size of other races heavy cruisers, it is not nearly as tough as regular CAs. While superior versions of the vessel were designed, the true shortcomings of the class would not become apparent to the nobles for some time. Wartime production 2/year.

CD (R2): Drone Cruiser. Year in Service: Y133. A variant of the CS used for drone bombardment missions, and has special sensors for use in long-range targeting. As such, it has access to full loads of Type III-XX drones. Only a couple are regularly kept in service.

CA (R2): Heavy Cruiser. Year in Service: Y138. This mounts more weapons while using the same hull as the CS. It was only produced in limited numbers.

BC (BS): Battle Cruiser. Year in Service: Y160. An extensive refit of the CS/CA, featuring more power and better weapons arcs. Currently limited, it will become the standard Kzinti cruiser.

CC (BS): Command Cruiser. Year in Service: Y147. These serve as the personal flagships of the Kzinti nobles and are used to lead personal fleets.

DNE (R7): Early Dreadnought. Year in Service: Y150. Wartime leader of a full fleet; generally under the control of the Patriarch and under command of an admiral attached to a noble's staff. During peacetime, these ships usually stay docked at a starbase. Bigger and more powerful than any other class, with better command facilities, its weaponry is still only slightly better than a CC's.

Annex: Available Pods
P-C1 (AM): Cargo Pod. Standard 24-box pod that can be used to haul any sort of cargo in military convoys. Number available: effectively infinite.

P-B3 (AM): Battle Pod. Used to enhance the combat power of a tug, they allow a tug to be 'self-escorting' while delivering cargo kept internally, or to generate an extra heavy unit in a military emergency. Only 4 of these pods are in service at one time.

P-SD4 (AM): Self Defense Pod. Trades cargo for weapons for use in dangerous areas. 12 cargo, with two power, 1xPh-1, 4xPh-3, 2xADD. Carries 60 crew (inc. 6 boarding parties) but cannot operate independently. While numbers would be limited, there would be enough for any current demand.

P-T5 (AM): Troop Transport Pod. This can be used to transport any type of personnel, but when seen in combat (i.e., in SFB), it is probably ferrying troops for a planetary invasion. It carries 230 crew (people; 23 crew units), of which 200 are boarding parties. It has an auxiliary bridge, impulse, shields, shuttles, and can land on planets on its own. Only 4 of these pods are in service at one time.

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