Orion Ships

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FT (AM): Free Traitor. Year in Service: Y121. This is a modified Free Trader that can be operated in normal space lanes.

SLV (AM): Slaver Freighter. Year in Service: Y121. This is a clandestine freighter that can be landed on planets, and is used to transport cargoes around.

VIK (M): Viking Commando Ship. Year in Service: Y129. Used for raids on isolated outposts.

LR (AM): Light Raider. Year in Service: Y121. This is the standard pirate commerce raider. It is fast, and well armed for its size.

LRS (AM): Light Raider Scout. Year in Service: Y150. A scout version of the LR, it is ocasionally used by pirates for the early detection of other ships, but is more often used as a mercenary unit, hired out to warring powers.

CR (BS): Light Cruiser. Year in Service: Y117. A heavier commerce raider, this is the ship most often operated by independent captains.

SAL (AM): Salvage Cruiser. Year in Service: Y150. The largest ship built by the pirates, it is meant to act as a mobile support base for ships operating in a area without regular pirate bases. The appearance of this class provided the first hard evidence that pirates were operating in organized groups.

CA (AM): Heavy Cruiser. Year in Service: Y132. Each cartel generally operates one CA as an enforcer. It is much heavier than other pirate ships, and is used to deal with 'rebellious' or independent pirate captains.

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