WYN Star Cluster Defense Fleet

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KG2 (C1): (Klingon) Gunboat. Year in Service: Y136. At least one of these was a gift from the Klingons, but most were captured by Orions and turned over to the WYN.

ZFF (C1): (Kzinti) Frigate. Year in Service: Y136. Some of these are original Usurper vessels, extensively rebuilt with modern technology and enhanced with extra power and weapons.

KE4 (R3): . Year in Service: Y154. Only one available to the WYN: an E4J successfully mutinied and managed to make its way to the star cluster.

OLR (C1): Light Raider. Year in Service: Y160. An Orion Light Raider produced in the Cluster for the WYN.

LDD (C1): (Lyran) Destroyer. Year in Service: Y139. Only one of these is in the possession of the WYN, the crew of the DD having fled into the radiation zone during a minror civil war. It has been rebuilt with more powerful engines, more disruptors and drone and ADD racks.

OCR (C1): Raider Cruiser. Year in Service: Y160. An Orion Raider Cruiser produced in the Cluster for the WYN.

OCR (C1): Flagship Cruiser. Year in Service: Y160. A heavier version of the OCR meant to lead squadrons in Cluster defense.

Annex: Auxiliaries
AxC (C1): Auxiliary Cruiser. Year in Service: Y140. These serve as the bulk of the WYN fleet. Based of off a light freighter, they have been extensively armed and fitted with extra power making them decent (if unweildy) frigates.

AxCC (M): Auxilary Commando Cruiser. Year in Service: Y148. A couple of these are kept in service, mostly for training and administrative duties.

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