Intertellar Concordium

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POL (C2): Police Ship. Year in Service: Y160. Used by the ISC for escorting convoys and piracy patrol.

FF (C2): Frigate. Year in Service: Y160. Primary ship of the gunline.

FLG (R6): Police Flagship. Year in Service: Y142. A versatile design meant to perform all duties that may be required of the police, but beyond the capabilities of a normal police ship. It is considered a true minesweeper, scout, commando ship, and repair ship under the rules.

DD (C2): Destroyer. Year in Service: Y160. Used as a leader for the FF class on the gunline.

SC (C2): Scout. Year in Service: Y160. Based off the DD, this is a superior small scout with 4 channels.

CL (C2): Light Cruiser. Year in Service: Y160. Basically an inner escort for the core of the echelon.

CPF (R6): Constabulary Police Flagship Cruiser. Year in Service: Y155. A single extra-heavy unit used by the internal police force.

TUG (C2): Tug. Year in Service: Y160. Used for the transport of military cargoes. ISC tugs use a pair of pods set between the 'fingers' of the front hull..

SR (C2): Survey Ship. Year in Service: Y160. Equipped for survey duties at the edge of ISC space, this utility ship is used as fast cargo transports, tugs, scouts, and other roles in times of war.

CA (C2): Heavy Cruiser. Year in Service: Y160. Used as the core element of echelons, with the long-range PPD.

Annex: Available Pallets
P-C (C2): Cargo Pods.

P-T (C2): Troop Transport Pod. This can be used to transport any type of personnel, but when seen in combat (i.e., in SFB), it is probably ferrying troops for a planetary invasion. Only 1 or 2 pairs of these pods are in service at one time.

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