Here’s another ten spells for Dungeons & Sorcery. They’re generally third level spells from a variety of sources. I’ve also got a new section in here; there’s a couple different power levels for purposes of dispelling, and I finally worked that out a bit ago using the guidelines in Powers.

Under the Hood: Magic Great and Small

Largely speaking, Sorcery and magic-user spells are nothing special. That is, they are at the “base” tier defined on P32. There is no Cosmic modifier in the power modifier “Sorcery”, nor in the Sorcerous Empowerment advantage. However, some magic-user spells are harder to resist and/or dispel, and they get individual Cosmic modifiers. At the moment, there are three tiers: 1) Cosmic (+50%, including Wish), 2) Remove Curse (+25%), 3) Normal magic (+0%).

Dispel Magic operates at the base level, and can work against most effects with some form of the “Magic” modifier. Some higher-level spells are “protected” against this and have a +25% Cosmic modifier. Remove Curse also has this modifier, and will work on those spells. Some spells can’t be removed with anything short of the spells Wish or Limited Wish, and such spells use a +50% Cosmic modifier.

Bestow Curse (SC)
Abjuration, Somatic, Verbal
32 points
Casting Time: 4 seconds
Casting Roll: Will
Range: Touch
Duration: 30 minutes

There are actually a great number of different effects that are known by this name. This writeup merely gives one of the most common forms, but nearly any NPC with knowledge of this spell may use it with a different effect.

The caster must touch the subject while casting the spell, and when complete they roll a Quick Contest of Will + Talent vs the subject’s HT; if the caster wins, the subject has all his attributes reduced by 2 for the next half hour (this includes everything based off the main four attributes, including Will, and Per, while figured characteristics like Basic Lift and Basic Speed will also be reduced based on the new attribute scores). Moreover, this is a powerful effect which cannot be dispelled, though remove curse will (naturally) work normally.

(Suggestions for alternate versions of this spell include steep penalties to one attribute, Afflicting Unluckiness (B160), or good old fashioned Cursed (B129).)

Affliction 1 (HT; Attribute Penalty: all, –2, +60%; Cosmic, +25%; Extended Duration, x10, +40%; Malediction 2, +150%; Fixed Duration, +0%; Melee Attack, C, 1, –20%; Requires Gestures, –10%; Requires Magic Words, –⁠10%; Sorcery, –15%; Takes Extra Time, x2, –10%) [3.2×10]

Flame Arrow (C)
Conjuration, Somatic, Verbal, Weapon Buff
36 points
Casting Time: 3 seconds
Casting Roll: Innate Attack (Projectile) to aim.
Range: 50 yards
Duration: 10 seconds

The caster picks one ranged weapon and (on a hit) grants it the ability to wreathe all missiles it fires in flame. It otherwise operates the same, and the person using the weapon need make no special rolls or take any penalties.

Any hits caused by this weapon will do 1 extra HP of fire injury if it penetrates DR. It will also have the incendiary modifier (B105), and may catch items on fire, see Making Things Burn (B433; and keep in mind the flame arrow may well be in contact with an object for a few seconds before the spell wears off).

Affliction 1 (HT; Advantage: (Incendiary Strike 1, +340%); Accessibility: Missile Weapons Only, –30%; Increased 1/2D, x10, +15%; Reduced Duration, 1/6, –15%; Reduced Range, 1/2, –10%; Requires Gestures, –⁠10%; Requires Magic Words, –10%; Sorcery, –⁠15%; Takes Extra Time, x2, –10%) [3.55×10] Note: “Incendiary Strike” is the Imbuement of the same name (PU1-9) as a buff advantage (T:S11).

Gust of Wind (C)
Alteration, Somatic, Verbal
35 points
Casting Time: 3 seconds
Casting Roll: IQ + Talent
Range: None
Duration: 30 seconds

Upon casting this spell, the caster makes an IQ + Talent roll, and if successful, calls forth a gust of wind blowing away from him in the direction the caster is facing. This wind fills an area three yards wide, and sixty yards long, with the caster at the middle of one of the three-yard ends.

Technically, the effect will extend outside this area, as air is displaced by the wind, but this will be broken up into eddies and the like and will not have any real effect. Inside the gust of wind, all the usual effects of fast-moving air will apply: Small flames will be blown out, larger ones will be fanned and flow in the direction of the wind. Smoke and other gasses will be blown away from the caster, and objects will take knockback (only) damage equal to 5d, potentially knocking them down, or away from the caster.

Control (Air) 5 (Accessibility: Only one effect (Wind), –80%; Extended Duration, x3, +20%; Persistent, +40%; Requires Gestures, –10%; Requires Magic Words, –10%; Sorcery, –15%; Takes Extra Time, x2, –10%) [0.35×100]

Lance of Disruption (C)
Evocation, Somatic, Verbal
21 points
Casting Time: 3 seconds
Casting Roll: Innate Attack (Gaze) to aim.
Range: None
Duration: Instantaneous

The caster creates a lance of force which flies from his hand, and travels 20 yards straight away from him, damaging everything in its path for 3d+1 crushing damage (consider this to be a 1-yard wide path).

Inanimate objects take an extra 3d damage from the disruption (6d+1 total), which will cause a good amount of collateral damage to the environment (an average roll of 22 damage will generally destroy objects of up to 16 lbs., and up to a 3” thick wood door could be destroyed/pierced on high rolls; and don’t forget knockback effects). On the other hand, the lance has an armor multiplier of (2) versus diffuse creatures (3d+1(2)), which will also have a minimum DR of 1.

Innate Attack 3d+1 (cr; Area Effect, 2 yards, +50%; Armor Divisor, 0.5 (Accessibility: Only vs Diffuse, –30%), –21%; Melee Attack, C, 1, –20%; Requires Gestures, –10%; Requires Magic Words, –10%; Sorcery, –15%; Takes Extra Time, x2, –10%) [0.64×17] + 3d (cr; Accessibility: Inanimate Only, –20%; Area Effect, 2 yards, +50%; Melee Attack, C, 1, –20%; Requires Gestures, –10%; Requires Magic Words, –10%; Sorcery, –⁠15%; Takes Extra Time, x2, –10%) [0.65×15] Note: This is a reshaped Area Effect of the same total hexes (well, rounded off to 20 from 19), and restrictive aiming of the effect.

Leomund’s Tiny Hut (SC)
Alteration, Somatic, Verbal, Area
25 points
Casting Time: 3 seconds
Casting Roll: IQ
Range: None
Duration: 1 minute

When this spell is completed, a 5-yard diameter sphere forms around the caster (in most cases, half the sphere will be underground). This sphere is completely opaque, but can be any color the caster desires, and will remain immobile once it forms. Otherwise, the hut is insubstantial, and people can move in or out of the tiny hut with no impediments, except that if the caster leaves the spell immediately ends.

The inside of the hut is a shelter. Rain, dust, gasses, etc will not penetrate the surface of the hut (what is already inside stays there), and temperature will try to normalize to approximately 70° F (non-human spellcasters may have defined a different normal temperature). Every second, the temperature will raise or lower by 6 degrees towards that goal, with a maximum of a 60° change in temperature. Wind will not necessarily be blocked, but will be calmer. This may not be noticed in truly severe weather conditions (it certainly won’t stop a tornado) but moderate winds will not reach inside the tiny hut, and strong winds will be reduced to mild breezes (this would be DR5 vs weather and wind effects such as the knockback of gust of wind).

Temperature Control 3 (Independence, +40%; Link, +10%; Reduced Range, 1/10, –⁠30%; Requires Gestures, –⁠10%; Requires Magic Words, –10%; Nuisance: Caster leaving ends spell, –10%; Sorcery, –15%; Takes Extra Time, x2, –10%) [0.65.×15] + Damage Resistance 5 (Accessibility: Only Wind and Precipitation, –80%; Area Effect, 2 yd, +50%; Forcefield, +20%; Link, +10%; Nuisance Effect: Blocks Vision, +40%; Nuisance Effect: Caster leaving ends spell, –10%; Requires Gestures, –10%; Requires Magic Words, –10%; Sorcery, –15%; Takes Extra Time, x2, –10%) [0.95×15]

Protection From Poison (C)
Abjuration, Somatic, Verbal, Buff
53 points + 26.5/level
Casting Time: 2 seconds
Casting Roll: None
Range: Touch
Duration: 1 minute

This spell protects the subject against all attacks with a poisonous element (whether that is the main attack, or a follow up, or other mechanism doesn’t matter, if an attack can do poison damage, it is affected by this spell), by adding an effective 10 DR to the character vs that attack. Despite what might be expected, it does not provide any resistance to poisons or damage caused by them and their continuing effects.

Each level of this spell adds 5 DR to the protection.

Affliction 1 (HT; DR 10 (Accessibility: Poisonous Attacks, –30%; Force Field, +20%; Magical, –10%; No Signature, +20%), 500%; Fixed Duration, +0%; Melee Attack, C, 1, –20%; Reduced Duration, 1/3, –10%; Requires Gestures, –10%; Requires Magic Words, –10%; Sorcery, –15%; Takes Extra Time, x2, –10%) [5.25×10]

Remove Curse (SC)
Abjuration, Somatic, Verbal, Resisted
15 points
Casting Time: 4 seconds
Casting Roll: Will
Range: Touch
Duration: Instantaneous

This is a targeted attempt to remove powerful magic from a subject. It will only remove one effect from one given subject. The caster does not have to actually touch the subject (and become subject to various effects from that), but must hold his hand no more than an inch or so above the object during the spell.

When cast, the magic-user makes a Will + Talent roll, and the specified spell or spell-like effect then makes a Quick Contest of the originator’s Will + Talent vs the caster’s roll (the precise spell or effect to be removed does not need to be known, just knowing the symptom to get rid of is enough). If the roll or Quick Contest fails, then nothing happens, otherwise, the effect is removed.

Note that this will work on any spell that mentions this one is required to dispel it, and it will work on any spell that does not mention immunity to dispelling. There are still spells too powerful for this one to remove, and they will be noted in their descriptions. Anything with a Truly Permanent effect cannot be removed, and magical items are included in this. However, the effects of a cursed item can be temporarily suppressed (notably, the common “cannot get rid of this item” effect) so that the subject is not affected by it for a period of one minute times the amount the caster won the Quick Contest by.

Neutralize (Magic; Accessibility: Must Target Spell, –10%; Cosmic, +25%; Interruption: –50%; Requires Gestures, –10%; Requires Magic Words, –10%; Sorcery, –15%; Takes Extra Time, x2, –10%) [0.3×50]

Sepia Snake Sigil (C)
Conjuration, Somatic, Verbal, Trap
148 points
Casting Time: 3 seconds
Casting Roll: None
Range: Touch
Duration: Permanent

This spell inserts a symbol into the text of any written work. When that work is next read by anyone other than the caster, the sigil activates, turning into a brownish snake which will bite the victim. They can then attempt to avoid this with a DX roll, though being seated in a chair, or otherwise comfortable may cause a penalty. If the sepia snake misses, then it vanishes in a small puff of smoke, and the writing is safe (from that trap…).

If the snake does bite the victim, they will be surrounded by an amber field of force which is impervious all attacks or other interference. The victim inside is frozen, unable to move or act, and with no sense that any time is passing. This field will last for one day per point that the victim missed the DX roll by. The field can be dispelled normally.

Affliction 1 (HT; Advantage: Affliction 1, (DX; Temporal Stasis, +1000%; Based on DX, +20%; Extended Duration, x1000, 120%; Melee Attack, C, –30%; Limited Use, 1, –⁠40%; Magical, –⁠10%; Malediction 2, +150%), +1310%; Accessibility: Only Items With Text, –20%; Extended Duration, Permanent, +150%; Melee Attack, C, 1, –⁠20%; Requires Gestures, –10%; Requires Magic Words, –10%; Sorcery, –15%; Takes Extra Time, x2, –10%) [14.75×10]

Solvent of Corrosion (C)
Conjuration, Somatic, Verbal, Area (Fixed)
31 points
Casting Time: 3 seconds
Casting Roll: Innate Attack (Gaze) to hit.
Range: 10 yards
Duration: 10 seconds

This conjuration releases a 1-yard diameter pool of corrosive slime anywhere within ten yards of the caster (see Scatter, B414, if the attack misses). This can be aimed at a door or wall instead of the ground. This will stay in place (largely; it will slowly drip down a vertical surface) for ten seconds, doing 1d damage to flesh, cloth, leather, and most other substances. However, it will do an additional 2d per second to stone, wood, or metal. Additionally, as it is corrosive, it will reduce the DR of anything it is in contact with by 1 for every five base damage it does.

As an example of this spell’s utility, a stereotypical heavy ironbound dungeon door can be assumed to have DR 15 and 39 HP. With average rolls (11 damage/sec), the door (or at least one square yard of it) would fail after nine seconds. Heavier doors will resist much better, but still lose an average of 20 DR, making them easier to deal with afterwards, and lesser doors, gratings, and the like will be reduced to scraps that can be brushed aside (carefully, so as not to come in contact with the solvent).

Innate Attack 1d (cor; Area Effect; 1 yd, +25% Increased 1/2D, x10, +15%; Persistent, +40%; Reduced Range, 1/10, –30%; Requires Gestures, –10%; Requires Magic Words, –10%; Sorcery, –15%) [1.15×10] + Innate Attack 2d (cor; Accessibility, Wood, Stone, Metal, -20%; Area Effect; 1 yd, +25% Increased 1/2D, x10, +15%; Persistent, +40%; Reduced Range, 1/10, –30%; Requires Gestures, –10%; Requires Magic Words, –10%; Sorcery, –15%) [0.95×20]

Wraithform (C)
Alteration, Somatic
205 points
Casting Time: 1 second
Casting Roll: None
Range: None
Duration: 3 minutes

This spell turns the caster insubstantial, so that most normal effects cannot affect them—and vice versa. The caster is still in the Prime Material plane (or whatever other one they’re currently in), and can perceive it normally, but cannot interact with any physical objects; this includes being able to walk through walls and other solid obstacles. However, the caster does still need to breathe, and requires access to air, and cannot just stand in the middle of a solid object forever, needing to hold their breath to do so.

All the caster’s gear becomes insubstantial as well (everything they can carry up to heavy encumbrance). Note that the caster is also still visible during this, and can be seen normally. However, they take on a ghostly appearance, and not only may be mistaken for some form of undead by normal people, but may be mistaken for a wraith by other undead.

Insubstantiality (Always On, –50%; Can Carry Objects, Heavy, +100%; Extended Duration, x2, +20%; Link, +10%; Requires Gestures, –10%; Sorcery, –15%) [2.55×80] + Perk (Waithly Appearance; Link +10%; Magical, –10%) [1.0×1]

Remove Curse and Bestow Curse the the main focus here. I don’t think there’s too many regular spells that use the higher-level resistance, but some of the later 1st edition AD&D (notably Ed Greenwood’s Forgotten Realms material) pays attention to it. It would be a good idea to apply the +25% Cosmic to any higher-level spells you want to make tougher to deal with.

Gust of Wind, Lance of Disruption, and Solvent of Corosion are all interesting spells because of their secondary effects. The Solvent especially is great for rearranging dungeons… and getting through PCs defenses, so be careful with letting it loose.

Flame Arrow was a difficult writeup since it’s obviously an imbuement, and I don’t understand those well. Leomund’s Tiny Hut is also difficult since there’s just too little guidance on what DR does about rain, wind, etc. At least I can say it acts as knockback protection here.