Yeah, you read that price right. Right now on eBay is one of the filming models from the original Star Trek series.

AMT constructed two 29-inch long models out of composite materials and wood and then shipped them to a soundstage in Hollywood for filming…. When filming ended, Matt Jefferies was allowed to take one of the two filming models home as a souvenir, and Gene Roddenberry took the other…. Mr. Jefferies donated his example to the Smithsonian Museum, where it resides today. Mr. Roddenberry gave his filming model to his longtime friend, Stephen Whitfield (who by now was using the pen name “Stephen Poe” – he wrote one of the Making of Star Trek books). Mr. Whitfield retained the Roddenberry model until 1998, when it was sold to a private collector in Beverly Hills, California.

This superb miniature is mounted on a custom stand, and accompanied with a signed letter of authenticity from the late Matt Jefferies.

First comment on the SFB site: “Let’s hope the Romulans don’t buy it.”