Well, due to job situation, Patch couldn’t make it online Wed night for a little SFB on our effort to finish off the Mantor battle.

I was going to continue introducing Mark to F&E with that time, but realized the save files are on a computer that isn’t plugged in at the moment. So we went back to SFB and started a little L-FF vs. Z-FF fight. Got through a turn and a half in 1:10. Not bad at all for online.

Anyway, it’s been different. A little bit of shield plinking. He’s eroded my #6 and #5, I’ve hit his #6 and #4. I’ve missed twice with my one disruptor, which is annoying.

He’s performed two HETs already. Thanks to a Breakdown of 6, he can get away with it, and it’s certainly playing havoc with where I think he’s going. I’d personally say they were not the best thing to do to pursue the battle.

But he’s actually doing them. Which I think is the point for him at the moment. Now I just need to get him to read the sign at the Academy that says “Use your tractors damnit.”

A decade ago, that was my problem. I can’t remember if I ever used my tractors back then (at least without prompting from Colin). Three attempted Kzinti anchors is a big improvement, even if I did throw away a FF on the successful one, though I should probably consider them for drone defense more.

Heh, I can teach an old fox new tricks. ^_^