Well, in the aftermath of An’Quiraj, we ended up pursuing the Fallen Hero of the Horde quest line, and having a grand time with it. We were slightly over-level for much of the chain, but it was obvious that it was ramping up fast to a climax that would want high levels and a full group. So that night, Blanc, Dunain and Blondiewood freed souls from being bound to this plane, killed a gigantic felhound, learned the true name of a demon, and gathered the materials for a demon-hunting weapon from… crystalized giant poo.

I now know much more about giant biology than I have any desire to.

Anyway, much of the rest of the week was spent on get getting Dejek and Gotesfaust up to speed on the chain, and finishing up such things as visiting Dunain’s teacher so he can forge the weapons. (Sigh, the game won’t trust Dunain to forge his own weapons….)

So, that left killing his three lieutenants before moving onto the big baddie. We got the group together, and set off. With a full group… lets just say there wasn’t much left of them and leave it at that.

So we set off to the Fallen Hero to get the final part of the chain. …And to celebrate Blondiewood’s 60th! The entire chain is fairly XP heavy, and the turn-in for this part put her over. So we now have two 60s for Muse and one for Moos.

So, then off to summon and kill Razelikh. Oh and the two other elites he summons. No problem!

Well, first problem: you summon him on top of a mountain. You get to the top of the mountain by stepping onto this giant rune in the ground (you get down much the same way). But my video card decided it didn’t like it, so I couldn’t see the rune. This was very confusing, as I teleported a couple times without any idea why. But we worked around it once I looked over at Smudge’s monitor and saw what was going on.

Second problem: We didn’t sort out what was going on properly. Blanc lost aggro, and well, we ended with a wipe with him about half down.

Things went much better the second try, until Blanc and Blondiewood got punted off the mountain despite our efforts to prevent that. They had a soft landing, and nearly got back in time, but it didn’t really work out. Mr. Annoying Boss (^_^) was down to maybe 1/6 health.

What we learned was that he really is immune to most everything. Including all of Blanc’s taunt abilities, which explains what happened the first time.

Anyway, a just a few tweaks to account for placement and all the darn immunities, and third time’s the charm!

In other news, Farmishi made 40 yesterday. I knew paladins get their mount for free, but I was all set to go adventuring for it… and when I arrive at the Cathedral of Light, they just hand it over to me! -sigh- I wouldn’t have minded some, you know, effort?

And, she’s now a weaponsmith. I pushed her to 40 because I was out of bank space to hold the materials I was collecting for that, and what I had on hand *barely* lasted through the skill-up process. (Anyone need Heavy Mithril Gloves?)