I mentioned recently that Smudge and I had ended up in a FC in FF XIV. The leader of our new FC, Jade Goddess got (in-game) married last weekend to Lukresias Scath. Square Enix went all-out on this feature, with a dedicated area that only opens up for people doing the ceremony (which has to be scheduled in advance), and everyone they specifically invite. I understand there’s three different ceremonies to choose between, but I may never see the others.

In true Square Enix style, the entire thing is very beautifully done. Both Smudge and I took lots of pictures, and you can see her shots here and here.

Of course, Rylea had to get properly dressed up for the occasion:

And then we attended the ceremony:

The hall can hold some truly massive ceremonies.

Jade and Lukresias used an iridescent dye that looked surprisingly good.

Note to self: when getting married, don’t wear gloves. It covers up the ring. >.<

They’ve spent so much time in hoods and the like, I hadn’t ever realized they were both Au Ra.

And they rode off happily into the sunset. Well, okay, it wasn’t sunset yet.

Meanwhile, Rylea and Thayrin have been continuing to adventure, and have made it through the patch 2.1 quests. Since story is important in FF XIV, each major patch includes new main story quests, and we need to get through them to get at the expansion content. It looks like they’ve done the intelligent thing of each patch being it’s own arc, kind of like the seasons in GW2. 2.1 focused on the idea of moving the Scion’s headquarters closer to the action of Heavensward, though I was surprised it ended without the move actually happening; it makes sense on a practical end, as that meant they saved the Rising Stones model for 2.2.

In addition, my various crafting classes have been just a few levels short of the old level 50 limit, so that’s ended up being one of those little obsessions. There’s a lot of special level 50 gear to be had for them (which will probably get rapidly replaced once we hit actual Heavensward content…), and I’ve already gotten about the full set of Goldsmithing gear already:

Leatherworking has also hit 50, and I need to get back to raising Arcanist levels so I’m not a one-trick (class) cat any more.