A little while ago, I advertised for a PBeM ASL game on the GameSquad forums, as has been usual, I got two responses within minutes of each other, and accepted both. The second game has actually (just barely) finished first. After a little discussion with Jeff Buser, I ended up with the attacking Russians in J1 “Urban Guerillas”.

It’s 1945 in Vienna, and the Russians need to take two of three buildings from some tough German opposition (10 SS squads, Pz IV H, Panther, 9-2 AL, 88 AA, and the usual toys) in 6.5 turns with 12 458 squads, with a FT, a couple DC, and three T-34/85s (with a 9-1 AL). On turn 3, five 628s and two IS-2s come in. There’s two wrinkles in this: 1) two of the victory buildings are on the far side of the board 23 canal, and other than the 88, all the Germans must set up on the near side of the canal. 2) The Russian SAN is ‘6’, and on every ‘3’ or ‘4’ sniper roll, the Russians get a Partisan unit (sadly, TI); half the time a HS, one-third a hero, and a one-sixth chance for a 7-0 leader. Also, the Partisans have limited PF use.

Jeff opted to set up as far back as he could, with three HS manning the wall around the first victory building, a “?” on the west flank, and a few more in the east, mostly in the other major building near the victory building. Everything else was on the road next to the canal, obviously ready to cross over to defend the other two buildings. Not having anything immediately in front of me, I mostly set up as far forward as I could with just a HMG firebase in level 2 of 22G6 to try interdict what I could see.

I rushed up through the mixed terrain in front of me, and mostly got into good positions. The general idea was for the main advance to be on the victory building, while a dedicated assault group with a DC, FT and my 9-2 tried to clear 22CC8. This backfired when at the end of my movement, after a lack of any reaction (including concealment stripping) from CC9 had me thinking that end was a Dummy set, I gave him a Bypass shot at the 9-2 and FT squad, and he immediately killed the lot with a 2 -3 shot.

Situation, Russian Turn 1, showing the full board. Building 23Y7 is a factory. Note that the German setup area goes all the way up to hexrow 7 of board 22.
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