Patch mentioned recently that he wanted to see the Americans in action again. I figured since we were still wanting to do some DASL, and I’ve been trying to go through more of the early scenarios, there should be something in Hedgerow Hell. Looking them over, we decided to give the first scenario from there, “Ripe Pickings”, a try, and Patch picked the Americans. Then I looked on ROAR and noted that the record is 15-49 in the German’s favor….

Hedgerow Hell suffers from the same oversized scenario problem as Streets of Fire, but D11 is small. The Germans have a nearly fixed setup (some minor CA choices can be made) with four Pz IVs and seven elite squads near a roadblock in the middle of three hedgerow-crowded DASL boards. The Americans get to set up a Sherman and four squads in a group nearby, having accidentally arrived in the German’s rear the preceding night. The Americans win by getting 20 CVP (normally 22, but we went with the American balance) in five turns, or by controlling the location of the roadblock at the end of the scenario. The Germans also have the problem of limited movement: they can only move as many MMC+vehicles as double the current turn number.

Patch set up in what has to be one of the more popular sites for the Americans, with a good view of the rear of two of the Pz IVs, and opened up with everything he had. The Sherman burned the Pz IV in H3, and a BAZ shot burned the one in I3. He rolled my SAN a couple of times in that, and as a small favor it went off once to pin a squad that hadn’t fired yet. The rest of his fire was at my squads in H2, but only pinned one of them on a pair of NMCs. Patch buttoned up the Sherman with an active Sniper nearby, but stayed put for my (limited) reaction.

D11 1A
Full scenario map, Turn 1. Plenty of room for a running fight.
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