While looking over shorter, simpler, ASL scenarios for me and Mark to go through, I came across the Partisan set (now in Armies of Oblivion), and we went for the first of those (we’ll need to get back to them; this is the first one I’ve played from that set). It’s set in central France as news of D-Day fires up all the Resistance groups to come out and to get rid of the occupying Germans.

Mark had the defending Germans who have eleven squads (mix of 2nd line and conscript) and poor leadership (three leaders is good enough, but one’s a 6+1). The partisans get twelve squads (three 527s, the rest are regular 337s) at the edge of board 22, and another eight in locations away from the fighting on board 2. They have a few LMGs, a German 50mm MTR and two PSKs. They have seven turns in which to gain and keep control of four out of six multihex buildings on the active half of board 22.

I set up for three thrusts. The initial main one was aimed at the V2 building on the south side, and would continue towards U6 and X7. The secondary one was to grab building Z2 and then help the others, while the third was more vestigial, and would get the support of most of the board 2 troops in taking CC6 and possibly DD7. The first two buildings would be fairly straightforward, the rest needed getting at through other terrain, and would be harder to do.

My first moves were to get at the garrison in S3, and get a flanking position on V2. S3 turned out to be the 6+1 with LMG, based off an idea in an article Mark had been reading. It’s not a bad idea, but this wasn’t really the place for it as he was alone and couldn’t keep me from getting a squad across and adjacent. Still, a K/1 from U3 meant I had to make two attempts on it. I also lost another HS to a 12 MC while dashing across the road, but he achieved the immediate goal of making the German squad reveal. I also tried a Dash to OVR the 6+1, but couldn’t make the TC.

His sniper had pinned a PSK I had put in OpFire, but he still hit V2 for a 1MC that Mark passed. But, my sniper went off (our third successful SAN check of the game was during my first AFPh, think about that for a moment…) to wound his 7-0. I got into CC with the 6+1 and killed him with no trouble while also advancing on U3 and into Z2.

Situation, Partisan turn 1. North is to the left, and the board 2 hill mass has been replaced by woods.
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