Patch and I had planned to play our previous game on Vassal, but after our FtF session, we had a backup plan—the other scenario we had been considering. We got started in May 2010…:

After our little FtF Italian DASL foray, we went with the only other DASL scenario with Italians for our next Vassal game. DA11 has everything. DASL. Rare nationality (Italians). Mines. Demo charges. Roadblocks and foxholes. Alternate terrain (olive groves). Night.

Well, no tanks and no ordnance.

ROAR has a pretty even record, and since Patch got the Italians last time, I took them this time. ELR 1. sigh My main group sets up on/near the hill on board e. I also get four auto-HIP squads on board h, but one squad and the only available leader must setup with the roadblock, which must be in hH2 or hK2. The former is closer to the rest of the defense, but the latter is also a bit further from the American entry at the bottom of board f. Patch needs to take all four level 2 hexes of the hill and the roadblock in seven turns.

Hmm. The VC mentions that the Americans win at the end of any Game Turn where he controls them, so I’ll always get a final counterattack. Assuming there’s anyone to counterattack with, of course.

I opt to put the roadblock in hK2. I hope it splits up the offensive for a little bit.

Even with DASL boards the first turn is quiet as the first wave of Patch’s troops can’t get to my positions in one turn. (He gets a nearly identical set of troops on turn 2.)

Situation, turn 1, showing my visible setup.

Patch quickly moves into hH2, and finds the roadblock isn’t there. He tries moving around it into J3, but finds a HIP squad who breaks his… HS. He then moves another Cloak directly into H2, revealing the garrison and roadblock… facing the wrong way. SFF breaks that HS. I was worried I’d just malfunction the LMG instead.

One problem with Night is there’s enough things going on that you’re bound to forget something. Patch should have had to roll for straying with one unit. Of course, he forgot road bonus on the first turn.

I’m a little surprised when one of his Cloaks splits off a couple ‘?’ in advance. Obviously, he’s needing to reshuffle a bit to get leaders to the HSs.

Situation, American turn 2.
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