Well, had a very nice Christmas. Smudge’s parents came down the 24th, and we had a couple days with them. We’re also house-sitting this week, and we took them over there on Christmas Eve and show them some Circe du Soleil and Emperor’s New Groove on a set much better than ours (how… seasonal – still, they enjoyed it).

Christmas was a good relax-a-day for everyone. Played several rounds of dominoes, or more accurately, Mexican Train, which uses dominoes (they had a double-fifteen set, seems like overkill until you realize there’s five people).

Everyone seems quite happy with their gifts. Smudge is certainly happy with the deluxe edition of Final Fantasy XII I got her. (Found it first store, thought I’d be going all over the place to figure out what I could scrounge from picked-over stores.) It’s been a great advertisement for a new TV.

I got… way too much. My parents sent three different packages (mail-order), plus the more normal one+ from other people. Oh, and a pre-order I had made ages ago finally showed up about a week before, so I saved that for Christmas too.

More notable items:
Zulu (classic movie about Roarke’s Drift) – Thanks Smudge & !
Rurouni Kenshin #6 (finally filling an ages old gap) – Thanks Mom & Dad!

Mr. Lincoln’s Army (book 1 of 3 on the Army of the Potomac – I have the other two) by Bruce Catton (who’s a great author) – Thanks Mom & Dad!
History of the Goths (part of my ongoing delving into late Ancient history) by Herwig Wolfram – Thanks again Mom & Dad!

Onward Christian Soldiers (my preorder) – Thanks GMT! ~_^

A kind of cloth, thermal lunchbox (I’ve saying I need one of these so I’m not carrying soup in the same bag as books…) – Thanks Smudge and Baron!
An adorable statuette of a fox looking a a ladybug on the tip of his tail – Thanks Mom-God!

…and there’ll probably be a couple more things in the next week or so.

Last year at this time, I was mostly celebrating my new bed, and the fact that I was officially moved in. If I can make better progress on cutting down the extraneous stuff in my room this next year, I’ll be doing pretty well.