Since 2006 was the first full year where I had a Live Journal account, I thought I’d see what I did. I count some 55 posts, a bit over one a week on average, more than I would have thought. Of those, 22 are tagged ‘wow’, 11 ‘life’, 14 ‘gaming’ 1 ‘astronomy’, and 5 untagged.

I had thought there’d be less gaming and life in there. I also did more board gaming than even that indicates, since I’ve started writing my ASL experiences up on a forum dedicated to the game. I had also thought that WoW would actually be over half my posts, not under.

This last week has been busier than I thought. I had the week off, but had plenty to do. We were doing house- and cat-sitting, so at night I was generally over there with Smudge making sure Freya had time around people every day (…and enjoying a really nice TV). During the afternoons, I was engaged in helping program the web-comics database for BackBreaker. This is a project that started shortly after ComicCon 2005, and is finally finished (well, I’d like to see a little more bug testing done). This is a massive weight off of us, and I think it’s probably one of the best posting engines out there. Now… we need to finally do something about a new register program…. Sigh.

So, my free time for my week paid holiday mostly evaporated, but at least it has been largely relaxing.

On WoW this last week, we’ve seen the auction prices of Firey and Lava Cores tumble from 100+ gold to about 35 gold. Blanc also found the Black Dragonscale Leggings plan we’ve been trying to farm for up on auction for cheap. He spent pretty much all the money he had (with some help from Dunain and Farmishi) and completed Dunain’s Black Dragonscale set, and got the materials for the next couple of Dark Iron items for Blanc’s fire-resist set. I had started to think that Thorium Brotherhood rep was useless, now I’m looking at how to get to Revered in a reasonable time-frame again….

I’m hoping that gaming will be a little more regular this year than last. And I’m certainly hoping to suck Mark and/or my dad into some Federation & Empire online this year. (I really need something to leaven the constant string of defeats in ASL that Patch is handing me.) On the face-to-face end, we really need to gain an extra person or two, three is too much for many things, and too few for the rest.

WoW has eaten up more time than I’d sometimes like, but continues to be a lot of fun. With the expansion almost upon us, I expect that to continue.

I’m expecting this year’s gaming budget to be down, but then I wanted to get a few games other than the massive stuff I’ve been involved in forever, and I’ve done that now. I expect ADB and MMP will continue to get my money though.