Had a BRD and a Scholomance run this past weekend, I did both with Farmishi.

Saturday, was yet another BRD run. Farmishi did her last quest there, Jail Break. Then we went and did the vault. Then we decided to hunt down the Dark Keeper who has the key for the ‘extra’ bit in the vault, who it turned out was enjoying himself in the Grim Guzzler.

We were a little nonplussed to find him buried in the corner and surrounded by patrons, and quite unhappy with us. So… we decided to try approaching him, pulling him out of the corner, and having a few words with him in the storeroom. This is effectively what you do when confronting Ribbly Screwspigot, and only his guards bother to help out.

Well, this guy is a lot more popular. We got all the patrons in the area after us, and… well, it wasn’t pretty. We did take a nice chunk out of the crowd though. We went back in, spotted the fact that the guard had indeed come in, and were in front of the back door now. Grumbly, a little overeager to get a drink for the remaining patrons, hands in his “do one silly thing” card and charges right in front of them. ^_^; Two deaths (me and Grumbly), two rezzes, and back to pondering what to do.

We make another attempt at them, but the social aggro on the patrons is quite large. (Gee, what do you expect: “Fight!”) The bad news, was this time much of the dungeon respawned, and we had to fight our way to the bar again. So we get back, finish off, grab the key, fight back to the vault, and get… a Traveler’s Knapsack. Yeah, all that for a white 14-slot bag. Bag space is good, but I don’t think anyone’s that desperate. (We do seem to have gotten the weakest loot possible.)

We cleared out the guard in the bar pretty easily. Pulled them down to where there was no longer any patrons, and only picked up about three extras.

Other than finding out just what all those warnings in the write-ups about the bar are about, it went very soothly. We had the best Lyceum run ever.

The Emperor was something else again. First he joined in in the last fight before tackling him. Wipe. Then, we’re doing well, everything’s fine, and Blanc suddenly takes about four hits and goes from top-of-form to dead. Wipe. Third time’s the charm, and Blanc got a nice Santa Hat for his troubles. ^_^

Sunday was a Scholomance run. For us, it went very well. For us in Scholomance, that is. Offhand, I recall 3-4 wipes.

What’s interesting is where we didn’t wipe.

We went in with Blanc, Farmishi, Blondiewood, Jariedthe, and Thermidor. So, no priest, and a bit down on DPS from our normal set (since even while fighting undead, Farmishi is just no substitute for Dunain on damage output). There were definite upsides, but I was a little worried going in.

However, we were all really on top of our game last night. We went for Jandice Barov (who, after our last two encounters we try to avoid) because of a quest, and took her down fairly easily. Knowing what to expect definitely helps. We also got Lord Alexi Barov very cleanly on our first try, and he’s someone who’s tied our party in knots before. In fact, the entire final sequence of bosses went very well for us.

Gandling looks kind of silly in a green Santa Hat though. He also was a bit tough. Farmishi was the only person in the party who didn’t get teleported away during the fight.

The runs have been finishing a bit late, so Farmishi is going to need to run around and turn in quests during the week.