Well, it’s been quite a while since I’ve reported in on this game. Sorry about that, some of that is my fault, as I generated some technical snafus and challenges with Vassal, and some is the fault of Belirahc’s job keeping him too busy.

The bulk of the turn was watching him move a very satisfying number of cripples out of Hydran and Kzinti space. The rest of the turn saw very limited attacks in Alliance space.

In Kzinti space especially, he avoided any confrontation that the Federation could aid with, hitting 1105 (out of range of all Federation ships and defended by a lone CM), and 1506 (in the Kzinti-Klingon neutral zone; the Federation will only help in Kzinti space proper as long as Limited War holds).

In Hydran space, the Lyrans pinned my on-board reserve at 0118 (again) while the Klingons reworked their garrison network and hit the major planet in 0718.

The CM in 1105 was a sacrifice to force him to send something more important than an E4 or two, so both Kzinti reserves went to the neutral zone planet to save it.

Kzinti theater

Hydran theater

0119: Hydran: crip LB; Lyran: crip 3xCW
0718: Hydran: 4xPDU, planet devastated; Klingon: crip 2xD6, D6M, F5L, F5, F5V, 3xE4A, dest 4xF5L, 2xF5
1506: Kzinti: crip CC; Klingon: dest F5E
1105: Kzinti: dest CM; Klingon: crip F5, capture planet

0718 showed that Belirahc is learning his lessons. The fleet wasn’t too great, but he stuck it out three rounds to kill the PDUs and devastate the planet, seriously reducing what little economy the Hydran capital has left to it.

Most of the Klingon new ships went to Kzinti space for the assault on 1506. Lyran production all went to the Hyrdran front. The Kingdom isn’t going to be able to hold out forever under this pressure, but it’s a slow, hard grind at the moment.