Among the other things I did while on vacation was get my computer up, running, and on the broadband. This allowed me to participate in two BRD runs with Farmishi.

It was a little odd, I almost tried to go down the corridor to say something to Smudge off-line at one point, only to realize I wasn’t in the same house as her.

Also, TeamSpeak seems to be acting up. Other people were complaining about not being able to hear Smudge, despite the fact that she was crystal clear for me. And she seemed to be having no problems with people that I couldn’t hear. It’s like everyone is on random relative volume settings to everyone else….

The first run went all the way to the back and got the Emperor. Along the way, we picked off another three Anvilrage Captains (official count: 34, Plans: 0). One death in the Lyceum, otherwise a very clean run (and my first for lighting the torches). If I remember right, we originally went in with three people, and picked up more as they logged in….

The second run didn’t go to the back. But we got lots of other things done (like Bael’Gar). Farmishi is now down to Jail Break for BRD quests. We’ve officially put BRD on ‘farm’ (or was that ‘fram’) status. Sadly, we have quite a bit to farm down there….